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100% Distillers Cubes - McNess Bova Cubes

Gering, Nebraska
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Furst-McNess Company offers Bova Cubes™ made from 100% dry distiller’s grains. This product can be fed on the ground without waste or wind losses. A convenient, quality feed for cows, stockers and calves. Whether you choose to feed Bova Cubes™ or the Bova Tubs™, the suggested mineral to be fed in conjunction with these dry distiller’s products is the Bova Min 2-T. The Bova Min 2-T is formulated to be fed free choice to cattle on pasture being fed co-products to take advantage of the nutrients found in distillers. Bova Min 2-T contains thiamine to help in the prevention of nervous disorders commonly associated with feeding distillers.  

Contact your favorite Furst-McNess Dealer or Furst-McNess Sales Representative to find out more or to schedule an on-farm visit.

Dr. Mark Tracy: 308-962-6445 (NE, KS)
Marty Ulrich: 785-483-9721 (KS)
Randy and Joni Cook, Grinnell, KS: 785-673-3415
Von Taylor, Jewell, KS: 785-738-7331
Stephanie David, Lenora, KS: 308-212-0100
Bill Jones, Kirwin, KS: 785-543-7994
Nick Acheson, Hope, KS: 785-479-0373
Matt Shelor, Minneola, KS: 785-341-7944
Sorell Supplements & Supplies, Clyde, KS: 785-243-6291
Steve Berger: 308-539-1787 (NE)
Bruce Wohlers: 308-201-0815 (NE)
Seth Hasenauer: 308-530-9969 (NE)
Mark Ullerich: 605-951-8142 (SD, ND)
Dr. Zeb Gray: 641-485-9324 (IA)

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