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Reward for persons committing cruelty to animals

Lindsborg, Kansas
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2011 or earlier model Ford Ranger Extended cab white P/U, chrome spoke wheels, wyoming license plates. We have a partial tag number.
Vehicle has been seen a number of times South Of Lindsborg on the following roads South of Shawnee Road. { 10th Ave, 13th Ave, 14th Ave, 15th ave, and Quivira Road.

The occupants of this vehicle are wanted for cruelty to animals. While driving at a high rate of speed the occupants threw a live animal from their vehicle, the animal sustained severe injuries and had to be put down.
Call the following number with any information as to the owner, who the owner may have been staying with or visiting from November 11th through the first part of December 2016,  785-546-0445. If you know or can get the license tag #, or where the vehicle can be located call 785-546-0445.

This vehicle will most likely be located in McPherson or Saline County.

The vehicle directly behind it was an Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer.

All information will be turned over to the McPherson County Sheriff and the ASPCA {American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals}

1. A number of studies have drawn links between the abuse of animals and violence against people.
2. Of those arrested for animal crimes, 65% had been arrested for battery against another person.

3. Pet abuse is one of four predictors of domestic partner violence, according to a six-year "gold standard" study conducted in 11 metropolitan cities

4.  In both domestic violence and child-abuse situations, abusers may manipulate and control their human victims through threatened or actual violence against family pets.

5. Researchers have found that between 71% and 83% of women entering domestic violence shelters reported that their partners also abused or killed the family pet. And another study found that in families under supervision for physical abuse of their children, pet abuse was concurrent in 88% of the families.

6. Reporting, investigating, and prosecuting animal cruelty can help take dangerous criminals off the streets. Police know that in homes where animal abuse is a problem, other issues are often concurrent. Acts of animal cruelty are linked to a variety of other crimes, including violence against people, property crimes, and drug or disorderly conduct offenses.

At least 28 states have counseling provisions in their animal cruelty laws. Four of these states require psychological counseling for anyone convicted of animal cruelty, and six mandate counseling for juveniles convicted of animal cruelty.

You can help stop the cycle of violence by recognizing that animal abuse is an indicator of serious problems. Reporting animal abuse can help authorities stop other types of violence, and vice versa. Encouraging local law enforcement and prosecutors to take crimes against animals seriously is the key to creating safer communities.

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