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Hedge Posts Corners, Braces and Lines

Belleville, Kansas
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Small line posts are 2.5-3.5in top.  Normal line posts are 4-6in top. Oversized line/Brace posts are 6.5-8in top.  All line posts are cut 8-9ft long.  Corner posts are 8-11.5in top.  Oversized corner posts are 12-20in top.  All corner posts are cut 10-12 ft long.  Small line posts are $6 each.  Normal lines are $8.50 each.  Oversized lines/Brace posts are $12.50 each.  Corner posts are $20 each.  Oversized Corners are $30 each.  Those prices are when you buy them by the pile.  Each pile of lines has 20 in it.  Each pile of corners has 10 in it.  If you are wanting to pick and choose and dig through all my posts the price will be $3 per inch across the top for lines and $4 per inch across the top for corners.  Contact me though here or text/call me at 785-955-0521.

Might consider delivery for a price. 

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