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A Past Life Reading starts with me connecting to your abundant and strong energy to uncover the memories of your past lives or incarnations.  I am reading your subconscious mind to uncover your Soul History and all it has experienced. Typically the 1 hour session will only cover one (or possibly two) past lives.  By channeling to your past experiences, we will then acknowledgement these various situations and how they affect your life today. We look at your unique circle of Birth, Death, Afterlife and Rebirth.  Many clients go through many sessions to go back in time over and over to discover their true self. 
Your Past Life Reading may uncover the following:
* What country, state or region were you from? What was your status, job or career?  What skills can you reawaken from a past life?
* Eliminate old conditioning, outdated beliefs, repeated patterns, womb issues, physical ailments; all related to past life events or beliefs which are still affecting you today.
* Eliminate ongoing issues like anger, depression, addictions or low self esteem.
* There may be lessons you have not mastered in this life from your previous resurrections which keep recurring.
* Past life Karmic Ties (the relationship teachers who are here as a part of your Soul Contract to help you learn & grow (can be  negative or positive).
* Old promises, contracts and compromises you made of poverty, giving up free will, imprisonment, martyr (suffering, persecution, agony, worry), loneliness, peacemaking, or the warrior mentality.  
* Unexplained fears or phobias & how they tie to your past life.
* Relationships ties in this life which need balanced to end karmic debt.
Towards the end of your session, I will be guiding you through meditation to let go, heal and lovingly merge these fragments to honor your Soul and find peace, understanding and forgiveness.  This is to bring repressed emotions to the surface and confront difficult feelings from your subconscious mind and Higher Self.   We will look at how to release these residual energy markers tied to your past lives and heal them.  The intent is to refurbish your Soul to it's original source of PURE LOVE & JOY.    
Note:  THIS IS NOT A PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY SESSION where you are hypnotized.  A past life reading differs from a past life regression in that, you will be the receiver of the information and not a participant as in a hypnosis process. 

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