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German Shepherd

McPherson, Kansas
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   7 month old female. She is the last of the litter and time has just slipped away...she needs her permanent home! She is very healthy, very driven, very happy and comes from an outstanding working dog line. Her parents are as good as they get, rated Excellent Hips & Elbows, DNA tested and DM clear. I have been maintaining 5 other dogs by myself and simply have not had the time needed to train her. Many people are asking how much training she has at this age and the answer is simple...she's been introduced. Her new owners should not expect her to be totally proficient and will need to build on what she has been started on. At this age, IF she has had the amount of training that so many are expecting, the price would reflect that and would be much higher. 

   Plainly stated, you are being offered the chance to own an outstanding dog from a very strong pedigree at a steeply discounted price. Our pups sell for $1500 at birth and trained dogs are well over $2,000. It is ONLY because of time slipping away and my inability to get her trained due to other dogs I'm working that she is being offered at this price. On that same note, if you do not mind her not coming with papers, contact me and we can work out an even better price! She is an extremely sweet dog and deserves to be with her new permanent family. I am willing to do what it takes to get her there. Shoot me an offer or even suggest a trade...I don't really care. I just want what is best for this sweet girl!

   It is a common misconception that training cannot be started around this age. That idea is completely false. Dogs this age are just as capable and willing to learn (if not more willing) than the younger pups. She is very motivated, very driven and very smart. Her high energy can be channeled into whatever type of training her new owners pursue. It is only a matter of somone taking advantage of the situation and dedicating the time needed to turn her into what you want. It will only take consistency to get her polished up. 

   You can view more of her on our website as well as her parents and their pedigrees on this link: 

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