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NHT Super 8 Powered Subwoofer, 2 Speakers, and Griffin 20

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Sell Package Bundle: NHT Super 8 Powered Subwoofer, 2 Speakers, and Griffin 20

Price: $400

Condition: Excellent


NHT Super 8 110-Watt Powered Subwoofer

2 NHT SuperZero 2.1 Speakers

Griffin 20 and User’s Manual


NHT Super 8 110-Watt Powered Subwoofer

The NHT Super 8 Subwoofer features every possible connection for your stereo or surround sound setup. The Super 8 has an LFE input for connection to your receiver's sub out and stereo line inputs for 2-channel input. There are also speaker level inputs with a high-pass (bass removed) speaker level output for use with the SuperZero 2.1 or other small satellite speakers. A phase control integrates the Super8's output with your satellites, and a unique Movie-Music switch tunes the woofer for your choice of each. Cabinet Material: 15mm MDF with 0.5mm vinyl laminate. Magnetically shielded: No. Frequency Response: -3dB 37Hz - 210Hz, -10dB 30Hz. Distortion: less than 1% above 65Hz 1W equivalent. Peak output at1M: 112dB at 65Hz, 106dB at 40Hz. Amplifier Type: BASH. Adjustable Low Pass: 60-150Hz. Phase: 0-180 degrees 2 position switched. EQ: Music-Movie (0dB, +3dB at 58Hz). Included Accessories: 4 x aluminum cones, 4 x Aluminum leveling nuts, 4 x aluminum floor protectors discs, Super 8 Setup Guide.Woofer: 8 inch paper cone long throw.Amplifier Power: 110W, 4 ohms, 0.5% THD.Finish: Black high gloss vinyl.Cabinet Size: (11.2 in) 285mm x (11.2 in) 285mm x (11.2 in) 285mm.Inputs: LFE RCA, L and R RCA and (speaker wire) high level.


NHT SuperZero 2.1 Speakers

·         The SuperZero 2.1 is a true high-end mini-monitor that builds on the merits of its predecessors through the addition of a 2nd order crossover and a newly revised woofer

·         The SuperZero 2.1 is small speaker, at just 9" tall x 5" wide x 5.5" deep, that achieves its lifelike mid-range and high frequencies through acoustic suspension technology

·         This compact, well-braced cabinet coated with a beautiful black gloss laminate is designed to be inherently strong and stout in order to avoid the unwanted vibrations that afflict the mid-range performance of other speakers on the market

·         These small differences significantly lower distortion, improve power handling, and make the SuperZero 2.1 sound much bigger than its size

·         With easy wall/ceiling mounting options available, the SuperZero 2.1 complements the SS 10 subwoofer perfectly in creating an affordable yet high-end stereo or surround sound system


Griffin 20

Apple likes to use the phrase, “it just works” a lot in their marketing strategy and that’s exactly what the Griffin 20 does, it just works. Setup is a breeze, just plug in your old speakers (left and right channels, black and red wires), then your subwoofer and you’re done. The optical input connects to any device with optical output like a cable box, Apple TV or other streaming device. The Griffin 20 also connects to your iPhone or Android over Bluetooth allowing the amp and speakers to be used to listen to music from all your Bluetooth connected devices. Once you have this setup, and believe me it is dead simple, you can just enjoy your entertainment like you would any other Bluetooth speaker. Typical range is around 30-33 feet for Bluetooth, that’s just an industry standard at this point. Overall the Griffin 20 does exactly what it’s made to do and it won’t disappoint.


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