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Welder: Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 175 TIG Welder&More

Hays, Kansas
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                        Original price of welder - $1999.00

              Original Price of welder+whats included - $3,000.00

                !!MY PRICE FOR EVERYTHING - $1,500.00!!

Processes - TIG, Stick                                                                            Input Power - 208/230/1/60                                                              Input Current at Rated Output - 208V:64A                                                                                               230V:57A                                          Rated Output - 150A/26V/25% Duty Cycle                                        Output Range - DC: 10-175A                                                                          AC: 10-175A                                                                                            MAX. OCV:59V DC                                                                                    MAX. OCV:74V AC

Top Features

    This great little AC/DC TIG and stick welder delivers classic smooth DC and stable AC square wave welding output – outstanding TIG performance as well as stick welding – It's like getting a stick welder for FREE!

    Top TIG Welding Performance

    • Square Wave™ Technology – Delivers a low peak current and fast positive / negative transition time. High frequency arc starting is used for both AC and DC TIG welding modes. You experience reduced tungsten spitting, tungsten electrode erosion and a smooth, stable AC welding arc.

    • Standard Auto Balance® control automatically delivers optimal mix of cleaning action vs. penetration.

    • Excellent low amperage starting performance –

    down to 10 amps.

    􀀁 It's Like Getting a Stick Welder for FREE! With outstanding general purpose AC/DC stick welding capability, you can tackle steel, stainless, cast iron and hard facing applications, including AWS E6010 electrodes like Fleetweld® 5P+.

    􀀁 Standard Foot Amptrol™ – Remotely controlling your current level is an added expense with other TIG welders in this class.

    􀀁 Enhanced TIG Torch Handling – Includes a rugged Series 17 torch with Ultra-Flex™ cable. The torch is detachable for easy repair or to use optional torches for especially tight spaces or unusual applications.

    􀀁 Automatic Remote Sensing – The unit automatically senses when a remote current control, such as the foot or hand Amptrol™, has been connected.

    􀀁 Shielding gas pre-flow and post-flow – Built-in 0.50 second pre-flow and 15 second post-flow timers purge and protect the weld and tungsten.



    􀀁 Series 17 TIG Torch, 12.5 ft (3.8 m),with one-piece cable

    􀀁 3/32 in (2.4 mm) Collet Body

    􀀁 3/32 in (2.4 mm) Collet

    􀀁 3/32 in (2.4 mm) x 7 in (177 mm)Ceriated Tungsten Electrode

    􀀁 Long Backcap

    􀀁 7/16 in (11.1 mm) diameter Alumina Gas Cup Nozzle

    􀀁 Twist Mate™ Torch Adapter

    􀀁 Foot Amptrol™ with 15 ft (4.6 m) cable (Not included)

    􀀁 Gas Regulator & Hose 

    􀀁 Stick Electrode Holder (200 amp) with 10 ft (3.1 m) cable and Twist     Mate™Connector

    􀀁 Work Clamp & 10 ft (3.0 m) Cable

    􀀁 6 ft (1.8 m) Input Cable with NEMA 6-50P Plug


Additional Items I have for sail in the classifieds:

  1. 100% full 80 Cu Fu 100% Argon Tank
  2. Smith Inert gas Flow gauge
  3. Argon Y fitting with valves for gauge
  4. 50 ft Argon gas hose with Argon Nipple+adapter (SOLD)
  5. 2 different types of Agron torch guns
  6. 2 3/32" sets of Tungsten Electrodes 1-Pure 1-2%Thoriated Tungsten
  7. A hole set of different sized Cups/collet boddies/gass lens set ups
  8. For the Stick welder 11 boxes of different types of electrode

The welder plus everything else included originally would be somewhere in the ball park of $3,000.00 so your getting halfprice on everything completely new.

If interested: These Items are Listed individually along with prices and specifics on the products themselves.  Just Type "Welder" in the search bar that will be the first word in the title of each Product I have for sail. 

Please!!! Call my cell phone don't message me on here. If I dont answer please just leave me a voice mail and I will get back with you the next day. (785-650-9345)

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