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Few things for sale-Guitars and pedal

Osborne, Kansas
Posted 5 years, 5 months ago
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I have to thin the herd a little, So I have a few things to offer for sale

1) Peavey Raptor Electric Guitar-$95-pretty decent condition-red transparent finish, has a Buckethead style Killswitch and a Toggle switch (as well as the factory 5 position switch) for some very unique pickup selections and cool sound effects, Tuned up ready to go with Elixir 10's.  This is a very fun guitar to play.

2) Solid Ash Strat Style Guitar-$180-This Guitar sounds Amazing, full set of GFS Pickups(these are the pickups lots of people replace their factory fender pickups with), Solid ash body with clear finish, vintage lacquered neck, Toggle Switch for more pickup options (5 position switch as well), This guitar is farily new.  Nice guitar but I have too many........This has been my practice guitar for awhile now.  I am the original owner.

3) Way Huge Green Rhino(Tube screamer)-$100-made by dunlop, Its like a tube screamer but has more flexibility. I just got it a few weeks ago, Sounded great in the store but doesnt fit my amp very well. I have tried it on a Tube 2x12 amp (not mine unfortunately) and it sounds really good. Maybe has an hour of play time on it.

4) ESP LTD MH-401 Guitar-$500-This guitar rocks hard! EMG passive pickups, Floyd Rose tremolo, Trem setter stabilizer, Neck Through design, Beautiful wood and tone, Transparent green finish.  I like this one too, but I have too many!! I am the original owner, Over $700 New.  This guitar is no longer made but here is a link for what it looks like.

Call me, but not in the mornings please, I work nights.

Photos can be texted if you like.



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