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                                 NOVEMBER 8th - STOCKTON, KS NOVA THEATER

                                 NOVEMBER 29th SALINA - LIBRARY LEARNING CENTER

                                          NOVEMBER 30th ENTERPRISE - Arc Angel Firearms LLC

                                          DECEMBER 7th Salina - Ladies Only Basic Handgun


If you do not see a community close to you, why not call and we will bring this class to you! For Booking CALL 785-472-8639, it only takes minimal effort and equipment to make this happen and we have traveled across Kansas for over 5 years!

I take great pride in the reputation we have built in being knowledgeable, informative, and fun. You deserve to get the most from your money, and not be lulled to sleep.

We have had the opportunity to travel to Hanover, Valley Falls, Wichita, Gove, Stockton, Hoxie, Lyndon, Otis, Clay Center, Claflin, Plainville, Belleville, & St. John... Don't ever think you are too far away, because if you are in Kansas, we can make it happen! Give me a call and let's set a class for your town or group!


                                 Contact Joe Pruitt with Central KS Conceal Carry  

                                           785-472-8639 OR EMAIL

This is the class necessary to meet the requirements to apply and obtain a Ks. Concealed Carry Permit.

The Required equipment for class includes: Double action or Semi-Automatic Handgun (can be of any caliber), 50 rounds of manufactured ammunition & eye & ear protection.

Students will learn the laws governing the use of deadly force and the responsibilities of carrying a concealed weapon as required by Kansas Statutes. We will cover the use of deadly force from a perspective that will help you understand the use of force from an inadequate, necessary, or excessive standpoint.

Required Completion of  the class includes a Written Test and Weapons Qualification.

Shooting requirements are 5 rds, at 3 Yards No time limit one handed, 10rds (5rds then repeat) 2 handed No time limit at 7 Yards, & 10 rds (5 rds then repeat) 2 handed No Time limit at 10 Yards.

I am a certified instructor as well as a certified through the Attorney General's Office and State of Kansas Law Enforcement Agency as well as the NRA, and have been instructing the CCH class since 2007. I look forward to helping you acquire your CCH permit and will make this class fun and informative.

I do ask for a non-refundable/transferrable deposit of $20.00.The remainder is due on the day of class. I will accept Check, Cash, or Paypal for payment.

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