MARCH 28th SALINA, KS - Kansas Conceal Carry


                                                Central Kansas Conceal Carry

I operate a traveling Conceal Carry class that also specializes in Private Lessons, Basic Handgun Lessons, and Defensive Handgun Classes. Below are our scheduled classes. If you do not see an area close to your home, give us a call we would be happy to discuss brining this class to your group or community.

Maybe you havent decided if the permit is for you or not? You can take the class, obtain the certificate of completion, & decide later if the permit is best for you or not. Training is paramount to carrying a weapon, and the more you learn the better prepared you can be.       

I am a certified instructor with over 26 years of service in a Law Enforcement profession. I am certified through the Attorney General's Office,State of Kansas Law Enforcement Agency, as well as the NRA. I have been instructing "use of force" for numerous years and the CCH class since 2007. I look forward to helping you acquire your CCH permit and will make this class fun and informative.

I do ask for a non-refundable/transferrable deposit of $20.00.The remainder is due on the day of class. I will accept Check, Cash, or Paypal for payment. If you would like to register, you can call us or email  or you can send your deposit along with your name, phone or email, and deposit to Joe Pruitt 113 S 1st Ave. Minneapolis, Ks 67467. Please ensure you put the class location or date that you plan to attend so we can get you on the correct roster.


                                                 NEW CLASSES ADDED WEEKLY!

         UPCOMING CLASSES ALL START TIMES ARE AT 9 a.m. Unless listed otherwise.

                                           MARCH 7th - HOXIE, KS Cressler Creek Log Cabin

                                           MARCH 8th - Enterprise, KS Arc Angel Firearms

                                           MARCH 28th - Salina, KS Library Learning Center

                                           APRIL 4th - Clay Center, KS Eagles Lodge

                                           APRIL - 11th STOCKTON, KS- NOVA Theater

                                         APRIL - 19th Enterprise, KS - Ar Angel Firearms

                                          MAY 16th - Glen Elder

                                           MAY 17th - Philllipsburg

I take great pride in the reputation we have built in being knowledgeable, informative, and fun.

Thank you to our loyal supporters as I continue to travel the state of Kansas I am looking forward to 2015!

                            Contact Central KS Conceal Carry Joe Pruitt Instructor  

                                           785-472-8639 OR EMAIL

This is the class necessary to meet the requirements to apply and obtain a Ks. Concealed Carry Permit.

The Required equipment for class includes: Double action or Semi-Automatic Handgun (can be of any caliber), 50 rounds of manufactured ammunition & eye & ear protection.

Students will learn the laws governing the use of force and the responsibilities of carrying a concealed weapon as required by Kansas Statutes. We will cover the use of force from a perspective that will help you understand the use of force from an inadequate, necessary, or excessive standpoint.

Required Completion of  the class includes successfully passing a Written Test and shooting Qualification.

Shooting requirements are 5 rds, at 3 Yards No time limit one handed, 10rds (5rds then repeat) 2 handed No time limit at 7 Yards, & 10 rds (5 rds then repeat) 2 handed No Time limit at 10 Yards.


                         When seconds count, the police are just minutes away


                                        or Call 785-472-8639 after 4 p.m.


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