5-stage RO Zoi Alpha Pure Reverse Osmosis System

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Complete System 

Includes pre-assembled system with filters, complete installation kit with color coded tubing, tank, faucet, and installation/maintenance manual. Everything needed for most installations!

NSF Certified Components 

All components, including the filters and membrane, are NSF certified for the highest quality system.

5-stage Filtration 

Stage 1 - 5 micron sediment filter removes particulates
Stage 2 - GAC filter removes chloramine, tastes, chemicals, and odors
Stage 3 - 5 micron carbon block filter removes chloramine, tastes, chemicals, and odors not caught by the GAC filter
Stage 4 - High quality TFC reverse osmosis membrane purifies the water removing 90-95% of contaminants
Stage 5 - Inline Post filter - polishes water to ensure great, fresh tasting water

Filter Upgrade Kit 

System comes with pre-assembled 5-stage core RO system, plus filter upgrade kit, which includes filter(s), clips, tubing, necessary fittings, and instructions for installing the filter upgrades on the core RO system to achieve additional filtration.

Installation Kit 

Includes all the parts you need to install the system in most applications, including feed water connector/ball valve (fits most standard water lines), drain saddle valve, tank ball valve, filter housing wrench, color coded tubing, and 

FLOWLOK Leak Detector Included 

Included at no extra cost with your system is the FLOWLOK Leak Detector. The FLOWLOK Leak Detector is an innovative device that installs right below your water filtration system in minutes. No special tools are required and it does not need electricity to operate. FLOWLOK Leak Detectors utilize a highly compressed safety disc that expands when it absorbs water. Once the safety disc has detected water it expands and trips the FLOWLOK safety lever to shut off the water entering the water filtration device. See more details 

Auto Shut Off Valve 

Includes an auto shut-off valve, which detects when the tank is full and shuts of the water supply to the membrane, conserving water

4 Gal. Tank 

Pressurized storage tank stores about 3.2 gallons of water, pressurizing it to the faucet for water on demand. Approximate dimensions: 14" long X 11" diameter

Flow Restrictor 

Regulates waste water, providing proper pressure against the membrane to ensure high efficiency

Check Valve 

Prevents tank from pushing water back through the membrane and down the drain, reducing waste.

Mounting Bracket 

Allows for mounting of the RO system, increasing your installation options

High Quality Standard Size Filters 

High quality NSF certified filters in standard 2.5-inchx9.75-inch size. Compatible size filters are readily available at most hardware stores

Chrome Faucet 

Used for dispensing your treated water.

*Upgraded faucet designs available for additional cost.*

50GPD TFC Membrane 

We use high quality TFC membranes in our RO system for consistently pure, great tasting water

Pump Upgrade Kits Available 

Pump upgrade kits are available under the options above. The 6800 booster pump kit increases pressure to your RO system, helping to increasing output and purity. The permeate pump kitincreases the effeciency of the RO system, cutting your waste water in half in some situations. Both pumps come with detailed instructions and everything necessary to install on the RO system.

Filter Upgrade Kits Available 

Numerous filter upgrade kits are available for this system. Filter upgrade options include: UV filter for the sterilization of water to kill viruses and bacteria, pH filters to neutralize water and add basic minerals back to the water, and alkaline filters to alkalinize water, lower the ORP, increase pH by up to 3.0, and add numerous minerals back to the water. The filter upgrades can be added in any combination and all kits include the necessary parts to install on the RO system.


Call us for any questions or for upgrades- 785-661-2241 or visit us online at www.afwfilters.com

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