EMS Inflatable Square Donut Cushion

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My Dad had just bought a lot of these to have on hand. He used them in all his chairs and vehicles. They work great if you need a little or a lot of cushion.

EMS Inflatable Square Donut Cushion, Expands Up to 18-Inch, Gray 

We have 15 of these available for sale


Your backbone is connected to your hipbone, and your hipbone is connected to your thighbone, so it goes with saying that the pain and discomfort caused by various traumas to your body (see list below) will be connected as well. The Comfort Cushion was designed to help those suffering from tailbone discomfort, lower back pain, surgical stress, and body trauma. The cushion was made to provide comfortable and stress-free sitting. It supports the pelvic and lumbar regions, thus reducing the fatigue caused by prolonged sitting.


Prolonged Sitting, Fractured Coccyx, Spinal Pain, Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain, Tailbone Pain, Perineal Pain, Hemorrhoids, Hemorrhoid surgery, Pregnancy, Child Birth, Anal Surgery, Rectal Surgery, Perineal Surgery, Prostatitis, Prostate Biopsy, Vaginal Surgery

About the product

  • UNIQUE DESIGN: The EMS orthopedic seat cushion's level of inflation can be adjusted to meet your individual needs and provides ideal lumbar support for office chair and other sitting areas. It is shaped like a square cushion so that users can evenly distribute their weight and find relief from tailbone pain.
  • COMFORTABLE CUSHIONING: The square doughnut pillow is a machine washable seat cushion that has an anti-slip cloth cover, which makes this sitting pillow safe for most ergonomic office chair. This inflatable cushion also offers quality cushioning, alleviating the pressure placed on the coccyx.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: The coccyx seat cushion or "tush cush" as it's known, is a coxis pillow for hemorrhoids; square donut pillow for pregnancy; square donut pillow for coccyx discomfort; square donut cushion for tailbone; and square medical donut cushion.
  • VARIED NEEDS: The aylio seat cushion can be also used as an ergonomic chair cushion, wheelchair cushion, orthopedic seat cushion, bed sores cushion, hemorrhoid pillow, tailbone cushion, and elderly sitting cushion, depending on our customers’ specific needs.
  • EASY-TO-USE: While other sitting donut are strenuous to inflate, our square donut pillow is easy to expand manually or with the provided air pump. It is also foldable making it the best driver seat cushion and is perfect for relieving pain from ulcers, prostatitis, pregnancy, child birth, and lower back pain.
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