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Please read carefully so you will understand just what I am looking for, ... 

I want to buy a wrecked snowmobile. One that is or has been wrecked, and not runnable, maybe even considered totalled. Or maybe even one with a blown motor, or no motor at all, but not wrecked. If you have one that has not been wrecked, but just abandoned for many years and considered 'junk', ... The newer the better, ... If it's been sitting for a few (several) years that's just fine, but I don't want one that's been sitting out in the weeds for the last 40+ years and totally rusted up, ... I don't want one with a dried up bad track. If the motor does not run, or if there is no motor, that is just fine, ... I don't even want the motor. But please keep in mind that if it does run, and is ridable, or if it "could run with a little work", then I don't want it. I am not looking for one that I can ride. If the front end, skis, plastic hood, seat, etc... are all messed up, that's just fine. I'm not just looking for a part or two. I want the whole thing. It does not matter what make or model it is, or what year it is, or what size it is. Some snowmobiles had a high and low range, and some even a reverse, ... I would really be interested in one of these! I really only need one. I'm not a salvage yard in any way. I don't want a whole truck load of junk. :)  Just one old junker is all I need. I'm just wanting one that I can work with for my winter project this winter. If you have one you'd like to get rid of to clear out the drive, or make room in your garage, please let me know. If your neighbor has one, or maybe you've seen one while driving down the road somewhere. If you could help me find one I would greatly appreciate it. I would love to come look at it to see if it would work for me. Or if you could text a couple pictures of it to me at 7854seven573nine0 that would be wonderful. I am 9 miles out of Oberlin, KS, so keep that in mind, ... The closer the better. If I can't find something close here soon, then I would consider a 2 or 3 hour drive, maybe.

PLEASE NOTE: The photos you are seeing in this ad are just for reference to give you an idea of what I am looking for. I don't have any wrecked snowmobiles (or good snowmobiles either) or any parts of any kind for sale. I don't have any, ... That's why I'm looking for one. :) 

If you have read this ad in it's entirety this far, ... Thanks for spending half your day with me!! :) I apologize for the book here, but I am just trying to make my ad very clear for what I'm looking for. I'm not selling snowmobiles or parts, ... I just want to buy one. A wrecked one. :) 





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