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Seeking applications for Adjunct Faculty to teach the AC and DC Electronics Class for the Natural Gas Technician program. Candidates should be able to teach basic lessons in AC and DC Electronics.  Items to be instructed include acronyms used in the industry, explanation of electrical units such as Ampere, Voltage & Ohms.  Knowledge of how Protons, Electrons and Neutrons function in electricity.  You should be able to define the standard unit prefixes such as Deci, Centi, Milli, Micro, Nano and Pico.  DC circuits will focus on Resistor identification and their values, Ohm’s law, Watt’s law and Kirchoff’s law.  Classroom exercises will be calculated at the desk and then taken to the lab to wire the circuits on a breadboard.  Must have knowledge of Series and Parallel Circuits.  The Wheatstone Bridge will be taught and wired on the breadboard.  AC Circuits will define Sine Waves using an Oscilloscope and Frequency Generator.  The instructor will teach Capacitor formulas, Inductor formulas and Transformer formulas.  There will be exercises on RLC formulas. RC formulas, RL formulas.  There will be labs for wiring Capacitor and Inductors circuits.  Musts be able to use a scientific calculator and teach the student how to use them for these specific calculations.  Instructor will use a combination of written quizzes/tests as well as overhead visual instruction.


Applicants should have work experience with appropriate certifications representing industry standards. A Bachelor’s degree in addition to training experience and/or experience with post-secondary education is preferred, but not required.  Positions are face to face teaching assignments. To apply go to:  Those who are hard of hearing or have difficulty speaking may use the Kansas Relay Service at 1-800-766-3777 or dial 711. Positions open until filled. EEO/AA.

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