Flexxifinger Crop Lifters

Chase, Kansas
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We don't just sell the lifters we use them ourselves on our farm.  We have them in stock and ready to go for your harvest needs.  They do really well picking up down Wheat and Sorghum.  Goal is to allow you to pick up more of the crop with out shaving the ground and leaving more residue.  Leaving more residue while picking up the crop will allow you to cut faster than when all the way down.

The FlexxiFloat series of lifters are made of sturdy cast metal and can stand up to the most challenging ground conditions. 


  • Adjustable - The FlexxiFloat™ Crop Lifter has two means for adjustment. The adjustment screw limits the downward travel of the shoe, while the pivot spring self-adjusts to fluctuate with the rises in the ground level.
  • Universal Fit - The FlexxiFloat™ Crop Lifter is compatible with virtually every guard system on the market.
  • QD Compatible - Flexxifinger® uses the same patented QD™ technology on all its lifters, which makes it possible to quickly interchange different Flexxifinger® lifters on the same header without the need for removing the guard bolt each time.
  • Usage - Crop Type –some pulses, wheat, sorghum, cereals, rice, oilseed, forage, hemp and other specialty crops

    Generally, the recommended spacing is one lifter per foot across the header. Harvesting some row or bedded crops, where lifters mounted to the row or a combination of different Flexxifinger® lifters to maximize recovery have proven beneficial.

    ** Care must be exercised by the combine operator to minimize possible damage to the header/ combine.**

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