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I Buy Old and Vintage Clothing!!

939 Massachusetts
Lawrence, Kansas
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Do you own an old farmhouse with old stuff inside, or are you handling an estate or clearing out an old house? Got a lot of older clothing sitting around?  I own a vintage clothing store in downtown Lawrence KS and buy old clothing, both men's and women's, mostly from the 1980s or 90s and older. 

When people hear the words "vintage clothing" they tend to think of the fanciest articles of clothing such as fur coats and wedding dresses. I actually look the opposite of this- mostly everyday clothing, such as jeans and jean jackets, dresses, tshirts, shirts/blouses, and much more. My store is in Lawrence but I travel all over Kansas so if you have a large amount of stuff, I'm happy to talk or answer any questions. We sell clothing to all kinds of customers, including college kids, collectors, and more. We consider vintage and antique clothing to be a part of history that is worth saving and appreciating, rather than throwing away.  Here are just a few of the things we buy:

-- Jeans/denim/work clothing, mostly 1970s and older  (Even if it's in rough shape!)

-- Clothing from hoarder situations or a farmhouse that's been unoccupied for years

-- Dresses from the 1970s and older

-- Antique clothing from the 1800s to early 1900s

-- Military fatigues and coats/jackets, Vietnam War and older

-- Men's and women's shirts, coats, jackets

--Concert and band tshirts from the 1990s and older; Tshirts from the 1980s and earlier

-- Stock from old clothing stores

-- Men's suits- anything from early wool pinstripe suits to 1970s leisure suits

-- Large costume jewelry collections

Thanks for reading; feel free to look up my store, Wild Man Vintage, and check in if you have any questions. I don't care if the house is cold/hot/dusty/packed with stuff or even hoarded out- I am happy to take a look if you've got what I'm looking for. ---Phil 

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