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I have six yearling Simmental and SimAngus bulls for sale and a two and three year old SimAngus bull ready to go to work this spring from a closed herd. My herd was started with high quality registered seedstock from Braun Simmental Farms, McCurry Brothers Angus, Ruby Cattle Company, Sankeys 6N Ranch, Sherwood Cattle Company, Leachman of Colorado and Hidden Valley Ranch, purchaser of many Eagle Ranch cows in their dispersal. 

These bulls are extremely docile and fed a high roughage diet with a small amount of grain so they have adequate, solid weight gain and develop great feet and legs to last in your herd. They are bred for growth and maternal value and won't fall apart when they start breeding cows. These bulls will gain weight over the summer on grass because they haven't been fed hard. Good rule of thumb is one cow per month of age for breeding. 

Photo above is from the 2020 Simmental Junior National Show in Brookings, SD where Jacob exhibited the 4th place overall Percentage Simmental Bull that we raised. We don't try to raise show bulls, but sometimes they turn out darn good! Second and third pictures are bulls we've raised and sold. Fourth picture is DaySpring Grandmaster born in 2012 that we raised and used as a herd bull for 8 years. Fifth picture is our herd bull Lees Uno Mas, a stout, moderate bull with a great phenotype - sire of 168, 291 and bull Jacob showed in SD.

12th Annual Spring Private Treaty Sale --

Two Year Old Bull:

168(0) - SimAngus 3/8 Simmental 5/8 Angus, BW: 82 lbs.,  Sire: Lees Uno Mas, MGS: SAV Traveler 004, from a very maternal cow family, a maternal half brother to him lasted nine years in a herd down in Larned. He was a June 2022 calf and too young for last year's sale so I threw him in with some recipient cows for cleanup.  --SOLD

Three Year Old Bull:

004(1) - SimAngus 3/4 Simmental 1/4 Angus, BW: 88 lbs., Sire: MR NLC Upgrade, MGS: SVF/NJC Built Right, high growth - heaviest yearling bull two years ago, stout boned, larger framed, docile, also comes from a very maternal cow family. I used him on my cows last two years and he throws really nice calves that grow and heifers to keep. Not a heifer bull.  

Yearling Bulls: 

214(0) - SimAngus 3/8 Simmental 5/8 Angus, BW: 67 lbs., Sire: Eathington Sub-Zero, MGS: W/C Loaded Up, that pretty much says everything right there. I have AI'd using Sub-Zero extensively on heifers and they're all easy born small calves that grow fast. Heifer bull with good growth, moderate frame, stout. CE 16.2, BW -2.0, WW 72.4, YW 115.1  --SOLD

230 - Purebred Simmental, BW: 76 lbs., Sire: HTP/SVF Duracell, MGS: WAGR Dream Catcher, Dam is Kenco Miley Cottontail one of the greatest donors in the Simmental breed. Larger framed, nice top, excellent growth - WW 81.2 and YW 116.2. Full embryo brother to 235 and a full brother to the now deceased SS/PRS High Voltage Simmental bull that Hartmans and Conley owned.  --SOLD

235 - Purebred Simmental, BW: 78 lbs., Sire: HTP/SVF Duracell, MGS: WAGR Dream Catcher, Dam is Kenco Miley Cottontail one of the greatest donors in the Simmental breed. Larger framed, stout build, excellent growth - WW 81.2 and YW 116.2. Full embryo brother to 230 and a full brother to the now deceased SS/PRS High Voltage Simmental bull that Hartmans and Conley owned.

291(7) - SimAngus 5/8 Simmental 3/8 Angus, BW: 78 lbs., Sire: Lees Uno Mas, MGS: Flying B Cut Above, younger May 1 born, stout, almost as big as the older bulls, good growth. Can be used on heifers. He will sell this fall or next year as a two year old.  --OUT

262(2) - SimAngus 3/8 Simmental 5/8 Angus, BW: 79 lbs.,  Sire: DaySpring Net Worth, MGS: SS Ebonys Grandmaster, good growth to weaning, larger framed beef bull. Maternal brother sold south of Gorham last year.

214(5) - SimAngus 3/4 Simmental 1/4 Angus, BW: 90 lbs., Sire: MR HOC Broker, MGS: Rubys Wide Open, complete and really put together nice - excellent structure and feet, stout with really nice front end and good phenotype. Maternal brother to our percentage bull that took fourth at Simmental Jr. Nationals in South Dakota in 2000. Not a heifer bull.  

Bulls are vaccinated with ViraShield 6 + VL5 HB, Vision 7 blackleg, pinkeye and poured. I will feed them until early May. We could sell more bulls, but I cull hard because I won't sell a bull that I wouldn't use myself.

DaySpring Farms - Jon Schmeidler 785-six23-750three


Watch next year for a few more heifer bulls from the deceased Eathington Sub-Zero. He has excellent calving ease numbers with good fast growth and definitely the best bull I've ever used on heifers.





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