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Seasoned Firewood For Sale

Salina, Kansas
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Multiple seasoned hardwood firewood for sale.

Black Walnut (Black Walnut smells amazing when it burns)

Hackberry- (mixed in with walnut due to short supply)

Mulberry- (great for cooking/smoking)


All excellent for fireplaces!

Hedge (HEDGE BACK IN STOCK!) Single seasoned (14 months)

Best wood for stoves or boilers

Everything is processed 16-18" long, vast majority is 16" long  95 % split wood 

1/2 cord =(4'X4'X4') stack 64 cu. ft stacked on 1 pallet

 1 cord =(4'x4'x8') stack 128 cu. ft stacked on 2 pallets

Pallet footprint dimensions: 3'6"x 4' stacked 4.6' high

Pickup on-site Prices:

1/2 cord wrapped palletized hardwood: $150 (1 pallet)

1 cord wrapped palletized hardwood: $300 (2 pallets)

1/2 cord wrapped palletized hedge $185 (1 pallet)

1 cord wrapped palletized hedge $370 (2 pallets)

1/2 cord wrapped palletized smoking wood (mulberry) $190/pallet


Loose non palletized wood is also available for purchase, price is prorated based on cubic feet loaded and is available by appointment only and I can help load. 

Delivery Charges: (distance from Salina)

Up to 10 miles = $40/pallet   

11 - 25 miles = $75/pallet   

26 - 35 miles = $90/pallet

Further distances available, call for rates. 

Maximum delivery per load is 4 cords (8 pallets) due to weight restrictions. 

Delivery of palletized wood is to a driveway, garage, or other easy compact track loader access.  Loader is 72" wide which fits through most 6' gates. 

Buyers Note: 1/2 cord bale wrapped pallets fit easily into a pickup bed or onto a flatbed trailer. 

Wood is heavy.  Hardwood: Walnut, Ash, Hackberry, Mulberry pallets weigh approx 1600lbs each.  Hedge weighs upwards of 2000lbs per pallet.  Keep this in mind when ordering or hauling multiple pallets.  

Call or text 785-Eight Two Zero-0504

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