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Baker, Oklahoma
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19?? Shelbourne CX 84. 28’ 

Hello ladies and gentlemen and all you other things. Up for sale here is an old stripper. Is she pretty, meh, depends on your standards. Scale of 1-10, idk if she even ranks, but she’s willing. Back in the 90’s I’d guess she was a classy gal, life has, well she’s lived ya know. That’s the unsettling news. The perks, some time back she had some guys that treated her well. She had some upgrades, improvements, use your imagination. She even had some dental work done at that time. But lived, she still kept on. She’s no prom date, heck she’s too frickin old..come on man. Do you want to take her to your folks house..yea prolly not! Would she take care of things off the highway, pssh yes! Do you have some other classy girls that dance with your other machines, she may be the gal for you. She can take care of those undesirables so the classy stay classy ya know. She’s old, but she’ll hold. For the mere price of 5,999, she’s no dime, but she can save ya time, keep your others in their prime. Bring some salt and a lime, might save you a dime. Come look any time!

In all seriousness, CX84. Nothing special. Cheap. If ya need an old header that will run. Message here. Good day folks!


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