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Nutrient Rich Cold Compost Rabbit Nuggets

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Nutrient Rich Cold Compost Rabbit Nuggets

Do you want to grow a garden like a pro? It's time to start thinking about your spring gardens!

I run a pellet free rabbitry that produces high quality amendment for your gardens. In my own gardening in years past, I realized the rabbit pellet in the droppings gave inconsistent nutrient supplement results and spikes of what appeared to be leaching of synthetic minerals from the pellet.

We produce a "cold" and "hot" bag of composting manure.

Our "cold" bag can be applied around existing plants, shrubs and trees.

The "cold bag" includes:
1. Rabbit manure from pellet free rabbits that are only fed dry natural matter.

2. Alfalfa stems and leaves which add trace amounts of calcium, magnesium, sulfur, manganese, iron, copper, boron, and zinc. Alfalfa also contains a growth hormone called Triacontanol which aids plants to grow larger and thicker.

3. Brome clippings which add trace amount of calcium and phosphorus which help plant nutrient uptake.

4. Straw which is rich in carbon, helps retain mositure, serves as an effective insulator, allowing rain to pass through while keeping decaying organic matter warm and the bacterial action active.

We also run an aviary which produces a Hot supplement

Our Hot supplement contains quail manure with trace amounts of straw for tilling into soil for soil prep or adding to your compost pile. The hot bag is NOT for placing directly on to plants as the high nitrogen can affect your plants.

Want to start an awesome compost pile? Get two bags of cold and one bag of hot to get you started.

$6 Each bag or hot or cold, each bag should cover a 5 by 5 foot square.

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