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Small Beekeeping Operation

Norton, Kansas
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I have 13 new 10 frame double deep bee hives started this spring.  $225ea

I took on took on way more than I can handle.  Completely overwhelmed working full-time and started 3 business at the same time and I have to downsize.  Would like to sell everything as a small business.  Message for details.

32- Medium Supers (most with wax foundation) $75ea

3-5- Deep Supers (most with wax foundation) $75ea

7- top/bottom boards $20ea

60- unassembled medium frames $75

2- XL suits $50ea

1- L gloves 

1- Hot Knife $35

2- 4pk queen excluders $25ea

2- Stainless Steel Debris strainer $30ea

2- Fume Board $15ea

Medium Foundation Sheet $25

Deep Foundation Sheet $25

1- 2 Frame extractor $75

1- 4 Frame extractor $150

1- Hive eylet $5

1- 2sided frame decapper $75

1- Box square Small bottle >60

1- Box square Medium bottle >80

1- Box square Large bottle >60 

 with tamper proof self seal caps $270

1- Silicone wax hive stamp $30

1- Smoker, and 1 missing bellows $45

1- Apiculture Crimper $15

1- 12v hot wire wax foundation jig

Multiple feeder bars, hive entry reducers, 2 gallon feeders, 5 Gallon food safe storage buckets, honey filling bucket with stainless steel flow valve.  I also have a decaying station that is included.

Everything is in great condition and over $10K, Asking $7,000 for everything. 

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