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Winch- Atlas ATV 3,000 lb. Wireless Winch ATEATDF3000 12v

Great Bend, Kansas
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Winch- Atlas ATV 3,000 lb. Wireless Winch ATEATDF3000 12v
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The Atlas® 3,000 LB. ATV winch provides enough pulling power to help you get your ATV out places that you should have never gone in the first place. A wise man once said that if you buy one four wheel drive vehicle, then you need to buy another to pull the first one out when it got stuck. Too expensive to tow a second ATV behind your first, but you can install an Atlas® 3,000 LB. winch on either the front or rear of your ATV and be confident that you can go to (and return from) those places that you should never have been in the first place. You can also install a winch receiver on both ends of your ATV and move your winch to either location.

The Atlas® brand has been around for many years and is synonymous with quality automotive aftermarket equipment at unbelievable prices. Greg Smith Equipment Sales is the USA distributor for all Atlas® automotive products and Atlas® winches.

All Atlas® winches are built to our exacting specifications to ensure years of trouble free service for our customers. The Atlas® factory enjoys ISO9001: 2000 certification and also CE approval. We invite you to review our web site and see pictures of all the integral parts which are used to assemble our Atlas® winches. As you will see, only the highest quality parts and motors are used in the manufacture of our Atlas® winches. Our Atlas® winches are designed to go "head to head" with the other brand name winches on the market. Many of these winch competitors are introducing "economy" or "value" winch lines to compete (in pricing) with our Atlas® brand of winches. These "economy" or "value" winches are powered by undersized motors and built with lesser quality parts than those used in the competitors' other winches and our Atlas® winches. Even with lower quality parts, the competitors' "economy" or "value" winches are still priced higher than the better quality Atlas® winches offered by Greg Smith Equipment Sales. 

If you are in the market for a self recovery winch to mount on your ATV, car hauler trailer, or on the front of your off-road vehicle, then look to the Atlas® brand for your best value. Atlas® has been manufacturing quality products at great prices for many years; you can trust the Atlas® name!


3,000 LB. ATV Wireless Winch Specifications

Single Line Rated Pull3,000 LB.

Motor1.34 HP, Permanent magnet

ControlWireless remote

Gear Reduction Ratio153:1, Differential planetary

Free SpoolingYes

Drum Diameter1.24"

Drum Length2.88"

Cable35 ft. of 3/16" diameter

Dimensions12" L x 6 1/2" H x 7 1/4" D


Fairlead4 way roller fairlead

BatteryRecommended: 14 amp/hour minimum or 250 CCA

Battery Leads3mm (8 gauge), 72"

Power In / Power OutYes

Shipping Weight21 LB.


  • Wireless Remote
  • Power In & Out
  • 35 Feet of Cable
  • Free Mounting Plate
  • Free Roller Fairlead
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