Tiny house home camper travel trailer deer blind

904 donald drive
Hays, Kansas
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Tiny House Home-Travel Trailer-Deer Blind or the ultimate man cave or woman cave to get away from all those people who don't give you enough respect in this world

This new, unique, and attractive tiny home-tiny house just needs to have the inside paneling, minor insulation, and other minor things to fit your personality and liking.  

We simply did not completely finish out the inside yet since we knew the new owner might want to customize it exactly to their own preferences.

SORRY about all the details below...but it is easier to type up everything I can think of otherwise it is impossible to repeat all these details and ideas to everyone who asks. - Thank you for understanding.

Also, I know your time and money is extremely valuable so I want to make sure you get a full idea about what exactly this tiny house / camper is all about.

Please DO NOT message me or text me with any questions, but rather just call me please.

Call me anytime and my cell phone # is…

Again, we figured the new owner might want to choose their own interior paneling, furniture, maybe add a few more electrical outlets, etc., or just use it like it is now also which is perfectly fine also.

Video link is below to view a walk around of the entire tiny house camper.
Just go to YouTube.com and in the search bar type this in and it should pull it up easily.

Type in…..    
Tiny House Hays Kansas

Or copy and paste this into your browser and it should pull up the video.

I can’t post YouTube web links into this classified ad or it will be blocked, but copy and paste this below and it will also take you to the video.


I am selling this tiny house, trailer, and all the items included for $7,800 and no less please since this is my bottom dollar.

As you know, if you look up tiny houses for sale on the numerous tiny house websites, they are selling for 12k to 100k on average, so you do not get much at all for anything around the 10k range and nothing at all basically for under 10k.

Most all the small tiny home campers for sale don't look very much like a tiny house either unfortunately, but more like a rectangular or square shed.

As you know, even fairly boring and plain looking new storage sheds that are 8 x 10’s alone are selling for $4,000 plus tax that don’t have nearly this nice of design or windows, or character and nice looking style of this one like a home.

Then extremely long sturdy trailers alone over 20 feet like this can go for around $3,500 or more with new tires, paint, new wood, etc.

General Specs and Dimensions

23’8” trailer length from the back bumper to the tongue.
20’8” deck that can be lengthened to 21’8 with one more board on the front.
10 x 8 feet tiny house on top of the trailer and deck.

7’1” long and 8 feet wide wood deck in the front with option to make it 8’1” long if needed with one more board on the front of the trailer where there is plenty of room.
3’6” wood deck on the back....

**However, I just recently created a 7'6" deck to expand the backside of the tiny house so you have two full sized decks now.

 Now the back deck is expandable and only takes 3 minutes to set up.  
It is extremely sturdy and in fact, it can hold up to 1,200 pounds even though I can’t imagine you needing to put that much weight on it.

11’6” tall from ground to top of roof so you can get under bridges with no problem.

Inside dimensions

8” 1.5 inches tall at highest point inside.
6’4” tall and 4.5 feet wide on the big door on side to bring in bigger items or open to let fresh air or sun inside.

5’1” tall on the other small door on the front and back.
2’5” wide doors on both of these smaller sized doors on the front and back.
7’10” inside width by 9’11” long on the inside of the tiny house cabin area.

Vaulted ceiling and square design and layout really make the space feel large and open.

You can somewhat tell this in the photos, but in person it will seem much larger than the photos of course.

I put some mockup furniture and carpet on the inside you so you can see there is actually more space than one would imagine because of the layout.


It is built extremely sturdy, yet it is not very heavy at all currently as it only weighs 3,770 with only a 320-tongue weight.  Therefore, you could tow this with almost any lightweight SUV right now at this weight. 

Even after you add some weight to it after you add some insulation, paneling, furniture, etc.  

The current reasonable weight on this will allow you plenty of opportunity to add a lot more weight to it if needed.

The dual axle Dexter axles are rated at 3,500 pounds each, so you still have 3,300 pounds more of weight to add if needed.

You can see in the photo I have a medium sized SUV in my Dodge Durango which pulls this with ease.  

Most small campers today weigh 3,000-4,000 pounds which people buy to tow with their smaller to medium type sized SUV’s. 

It pulls great down the road, but I typically just drive 60-65 mph down the road anyway in my camper just to be on the safe side.

Trailer Modifications and Enhancements

The trailer has newly stained/water treated wood, new paint, new tires, axles flipped for better ground clearance, bearings are greased.  All new bolts are on it the trailer also.

Trailer Tiny House Option

You always have the option to move around the tiny house on the trailer or even take it off the trailer during the year. 
 It is designed to be lifted up or down with truck camper jacks and this is really easy to accomplish.  

I can show you how to do this and this is how I unloaded it and loaded it to this trailer.

Why might someone want to do this?  Well, simply put, you might want to put the tiny house on the ground for part of the year and then put it back on the trailer for other situations.  

Also, if you ever needed to move the trailer a little bit forward or back to balance out your weight distribution situation you can do this quickly and easily.

The Deck and Awning Idea 

The deck is perfect to entertain company, lounge, have a barbeque, add a hot tub, outside bathroom and shower, etc.  
Decks of course are nice to not be stuck on the muddy, sandy, or dusty ground at times.   It just feels good to be sitting above the ground and looking down also.

Both decks are large enough to put a tent on it at night for kids or adults to sleep on rather than the ground or just have them sleep under an awning on the deck which I explain below.

The deck currently is 7’1” long and 8 feet wide in the front and 8’1” long if you add in one more board to the front of the deck trailer.  

Again, there is room for one more 12-inch-wide board on the front to take it to 8’1” long if needed.  

Also, you can easily put an ALL-TOP Vehicle Awning 8.2'x8.2’ on this deck for only $186 on Amazon.com and there is ton of other options also.

This awning is highly recommended for van dwellers, and it would mount perfectly to the wood frame on the house below the shingles just like it would be being mounted to a van’s roof on the side.  

You can also buy a side screen to protect you from the sun coming in from the side on these awnings.

Bathroom – Hot Tub Idea

There is plenty of space on the back of the tiny house to put an outside bathroom, shower, hot tub, or whatever else you would want.

I only put the water tank/hot tub in the photo to show you how it might look. 
However, you could build some walls around it possibly inexpensively and easily and/or create a toilet inside it with a shower also like they do in a lot of campers.  

They have toilet shower combo in them in one space in all these smaller type campers today.

Also, there is several $150 garden sheds that are 3’x5” online on Wayfair.com.
One of these could be put on the back porch over a water tank like I had in the photo or used by themselves of course.  

This would allow for a private bathroom/shower area with plenty enough space or just use it as storage also.  

The wind would not catch or damage this steel shed going down the road since it is protected from the back of the tiny house from the wind.  

Also, you could lift the shed up easily and remove it if you wanted to fill up the hot tub and/or take a bath looking out at nature.  

This is just an inexpensive, yet attractive looking bathroom/shower/hot tub idea that still allows for privacy at times if needed.

My ideas – If I Kept It
Two skyline windows in roof - If I had kept this then I would do the following to it to fit my style, but everyone is different of course.  

I personally would enjoy having two-glass skylines in the front roof that is sloped the most.  I have the glass and the wood frame if you wanted to do this which is quite easy or just leave it as it is which is fine.

This would allow a nice view of the sky and open the big main room even more. 
If you were not going to use the other roof on the other side of the tiny house to lounge on like I show in the photo. 

Then I would also put one or two of the window skylines on the back roof also just to open it up some more. 

Also, a skyline is wonderful to be able to see the stars at night if you make this into your bedroom to look up at.  

I also like the idea of watching rain or snow hit the window and watching it above your head with the light coming in.

Air Conditioner, Heating Options, Simple Water Options, Etc.

Many options on this, but a simple window unit in the current windows would be fine.  

Mini splits are an excellent option since you have plenty of deck space on the back for the unit to lay on and they are typically 40% more efficient than window units.  

However, there is many extremely efficient window units coming out in the last year or so are close to be almost as efficient. 

Mini splits can have heaters on them for only around $200 more.  

Otherwise, the Camco Wave 6 catalytic heater is one of the best units by far that people use in camper, vans, tiny homes, etc. and they cut down on condensation in the unit.  

The Camco Wave units uses very little propane to heat up a medium sized space like this if you were to be living in it.  

It also requires no battery or electricity at all since there is no fan and this means there is no noise either.

Then of course some people use the Mr. Buddy Heaters, camper furnace heaters, plug in electric heaters, stove heaters, and tons of other options.

YouTube has tons of expert van dwellers who show you how you can inexpensively and easily have a full water system with a sink, shower, water pressure, etc., just by using simple water storage containers below the sink, bathroom, or shower area.  

You can set this up in just minutes also and it is extremely inexpensive.

Then simple water tubing, freshwater storage tanks which I have two new ones for you, gray water bucket, marine foot pump or hand pump is all you need.  

Simple and easy to maintain and dispose of your gray water also. I can give you some links to my favorites.

Roof lounging area or deck

 – The roof on the back side has a perfect slope to lay down with your back against the other slope.  I show in this photo with me sitting on the roof relaxing.  

This is a great place to lounge as you can see from the photo.

The other option is to make a simple flat deck out of wood if you would want a flat deck.  All you need is a portable ladder to get up on the roof of course.  

The other option would be to create your skyline in the roof and get into the roof from the bedroom or lounge area below it from the inside.  

You would just step up with a small step ladder or step off your bed or sofa.

History of the Tiny House

The tiny house was originally built in Hays by a father and his friends for his kids.

However, the young girls did not use it much and the father never had time to fully finished the interior paneling or the self-stick tile flooring, so they sold it to me.

I knew it was the perfect size for a tiny house for adults if the kid’s wooden bunks were removed and the front door and window wall was moved to the front of the patio deck.  

This would almost double the space inside which it did.

I originally stained the deck at first and then came up with this idea to get rid of the bunks and move that wall outside of the deck or I would have never stained the deck, but no big deal.  

Essentially, I later came up with the idea of having a nice sized trailer and deck with a good solid awning that could be retractable and this is how this tiny house came about.

Then I had a friend who was talented at building things help me to make two more doors, put some new siding on the sides of the deck where we moved that window, door, and wall forward.  

Then we put on some cedar trim, and I left it alone after this since I knew whoever purchased it might want to detail it out to their own specifications.

I simply know all of us have our own preferences and unique ideas, so therefore I stopped at this point before it drove me mad because I can get too many ideas and I knew I can’t use them all.  

I also have two campers of my own and no kids so someone else can enjoy this wonderful looking tiny house camper since I have plenty enough toys with my two campers which is plenty enough for me.

Hopefully all the information helps you out.

Again, please DO NOT message me or text me with any questions, but please rather just call me.

Call me anytime and my cell phone # is…

Thank you,
All the best,

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