Trail Rides & Fun Shows - February-August, 2023

Pretty Prairie, Kansas
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Pretty Prairie Saddle Club - 2023

Information/Rides - posted by email from and on Facebook--- Pretty Prairie Saddle Club - Anita Kroeker (red/white/blue horse)

Call David at 620 664-2862 or Anita at 620 727-7911 if the weather is questionable to verify.


*Parde attire: blue jeans, long-sleeved white shirt, bandana, hat.

*PRCA Rodeo rules blue jeans, a long-sleeved white shirt, boots, hat.


Pretty Prairie Saddle Club Riding Rules

  1. For everyone's safety, we request everyone adhere to trail etiquette rules.
  2. Trail Rides will leave on time.  Our goal is to start Fun Shows on time.
  3. Trail Rides may be divided into two groups (fast vs slow) if needed.
  4. Treat other club members, guests, and landowners as well as their land, buildings, equipment, and possessions with respect.
  5. No littering.  Scoop poop at places where it is requested.  Scoop poop at Fun Shows during the school year.
  6. Limit drinking alcoholic beverages to an acceptable level.
  7. No smoking when crossing pastures and CRP fields.
  8. Dogs must be on a leash.
  9. No stallions allowed on rides.
  10. Have an enjoyable time.

Yearly Membership dues for 2023 are $10.00 single and $15.00 family.  

Postcards/E-mails/Facebook will announce any changes from the yearly schedule & give directions.


Feb 4     1:00 Trail Ride, Pawnee State Park, Wichita.

Feb 12     1:30 Trail Ride, Sand Hills State Park, Hutchinson.

Feb 18     1:00 Trail Ride, Harvey County West, Burrton.

Feb 26     1:30 Trail Ride, Harvey County East, Newton.


Mar 4     1:00 Trail Ride, Jeff Kaufman Pasture, Castleton.

Mar 12     1:30 Trail Ride, Maloney Pasture, Casteton.

March 16-19 Equifest, Tony Pizza Event Center, Salina.  Sponsored by Kansas Horse Council.

Mar 18     1:00 Sand Hills State Park, Hutchinson.

Mar 25     1:00 Trail Ride at Sterling Pastures, Sterling.  Mike/Denise Valdois, Host.


Apr 1     1:00 Trail Ride at McKenna Ranch, Kingman.

Apr 8     1:00 Easter Egg Hunt and Trail Ride, Hutchinson.  David Ward, Host.

Apr 15-16     10:00 Trail Ride at Kanopolis State Lake, Kanopolis.  Rockin K Campground. (Sack lunch).

Apr 22     10:00 Trail Ride, Whitmer Ranch, Zenda.  Edwina Whitmer, Host. (Sack lunch).

April 29     1:00 Fun Show, Pretty Prairie Rodeo Arena.


May 6     10:00 Trail Ride, Sheetz Ranch, Medicine Lodge.  (Sack lunch).

May 13     1:00 Fun Show, Pretty Prairie Rodeo Arena.

May 20     9:00 Ride in 2 miles to the parade and back after the parade.

                 10:30 Abbyville Rodeo Parade (Parade attire/Ride by 2s).  Rodeo is May 18-20 at 8 p.m.

May 21     10:00 Trail Ride, Thomas Ranch, Medicine Lodge.  Patti Abendshien/Pat Snyder, Hosts. (Sack Lunch)

May 27     1:00 Trail Ride, Sand Hills State Park, Hutchinson.


June 3-4     10:00 Trail Ride, Nichols Ranch, Greensburg. Harold Bogner, Trail Boss. (Sack lunch).

June 10     10:00 Trail Ride, Mills Ranch, Sun City.  (Sack lunch).  Gwen Mills/Joyce Bell/Patti Abendshien, Hosts.

June 17     10:00 Trail Ride, Arkansas River, Great Bend.  (Sack lunch).

June 24     6:00 Fun Show, Pretty Prairie Rodeo Arena.


July 1     6:00 Trail Ride from Castleton to Mike/Denise Valdois Pasture.  Cook Out/Covered Dish Meal.  Moonlight Ride back to Castleton.  Hay Trailer for non-riders--bring family/friends.

July 4     2:00 4th of July Parade, Sterling.  (Parade attire/Ride by 2s).

July 9     10:00 Trail Ride, Mide Scott Ranch, Burden (Sack lunch).

July 15     1:00 Trail Ride, Pawnee Prairie Park, Wichita.

July 19-22     8:00 Pretty Prairie Rodeo Grand Entry (PRCA dress rules WILL be enforced). Park West of Arena.

July 29     6:00 Fun Show, Pretty Prairie Rodeo Arena


Aug 6     1:30 Trail Ride, Harvey County West, Burrton

Aug 12     10:00 Trail Ride, Arkansas River, Great Bend.  (Sack lunch).

Aug 19     6:00 Fun Show, Pretty Prairie Rodeo Arena.

Aug 26     10:30 Yoder Days Parade, Yoder (Parade attire/Ride by 2s).

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