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Stainless Steel Box Anchor And Stainless Steel Shore Spike

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Stainless Steel Small Box Anchor With 100 Feet of Premimum Braided Red Nylon Anchor rope and Large Stainlees Steel Shore Spike for sale with 40 Feet of Premium Red Anchor Line. This Anchor, Shore Spike, Slide Hook, and Anchor Rope have never been used.

Stainless Steel Slide Anchor Cost - $299.99

Stainless Steel Shore Spike - $150

Stainless Steel Slide Hooks - 2 - $30 each

100 Feet of Premium Red Nylon Braided Anochor Rope - $52.95

40 Feet of Premium Red Nylon Shore Spike Rope for Anchoring boat off shore $25 

Anchor Bag- $14.95

Anchor Pal Shore Spike Cover - $24.95

Total Cost on the SLIDE ANCHOR WEBSITE -$627.80



The anchor and shore spike keep your boat from grounding just offshore where you can wade to the beach/shore without risk to damaging your hull on rocks, or scratching the finish off the bottom of boat.

The Stainless Steel Box Anchor-Small Box Anchor - 19 Lbs - 22” L x 8.5” W x 5” H

The Slide Anchor is designed to do all the work for you. Just kill the engine and toss the anchor overboard; it’s that easy. The Box Anchor will hit the bottom, roll to its side, and set within one foot with no need to power down. 

The Box Anchor is a state of the art offshore anchor that brings anchoring to a new level of sophistication, allowing you to have more control over the placement of your boat in any situation, regardless of the current and bottom condition. The Box Anchor is designed to work with almost any boat size, from personal watercrafts to houseboats and most everything in between.


Stainless Steel Shore Spike - Large Spike - 39 in long - 11 Lbs

The Slide Anchor Shore Spike gives you all the holding power you could ever need on shore. Nothing gives you more peace of mind on the water than knowing that your boat is secure, and the Shore Spike does just that. 

The Slide Anchor Shore Spike provides a shore tie anywhere you might want to beach your boat, offering a tremendous amount of driving power to break through even the toughest ground conditions and enough holding power to secure your boat in the softest of sands or strongest of winds. 

To start, simply drive the tubular handle downward to deliver the spike blade into the shoreline. Once the Spike is secure, just tie it off to the lower ring. Retrieval is just as easy: just tap the tubular handle upward to free the Spike from the shoreline. 

The Slide Anchor Shore Spike is designed to be used in shallow water as well as on the shore. The top is open for air, water, and debris to pass freely through the handle allowing easy operation underwater. A top ring is provided for a buoy to mark the location of your Spike for other boaters and foot traffic. 

Stainless Steel Slide Hook -

The Slide Hook is a revolutionary product that simplifies the knot tying and anchoring process. Tested to hold up to 8,000 lbs, the stainless steel Slide Hook is extremely versatile and easy to use.
Simply attach one end of the line to your anchor and the other end through the line passage in the Slide Hook. The anchor line slides freely through the passage when the Slide Hook lever is pushed down, but is held firmly in place when released. 

A unique mechanism grips the line at the desired location, providing an adjustable clip anywhere on the line, easily adapting to any depth of water without ever tying a knot. 

When you're on the shore, the Slide Hook is also ideal to be used with the Slide Anchor Shore Spike by simply driving the Spike into the beach, clipping the Slide Hook to the lower ring, and adjusting for tightness. The uses for the Slide Hook are endless -- it is an invaluable addition to your boat.

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