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DewEze Super Slicer 3 (S3) ***PTO Version***

Harper, Kansas
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Wasted hay means throwing away big money these days.  The DewEze slicers were created to eliminate waste.  Unlike hay grinders, the S3 does not "process" hay into small, shredded pieces.  Your cows will still be eating leafy alfalfa when you use a Super Slicer.  Hay quality is not diminished, and it won't blow away in a cloud of dust.    This machine rolls your bale into a sickle bar that cuts a strip of hay from the bale at a consistent thickness from 1-1/4" to 5" thick.  You control the speed you drive.  You control the roll speed of the bale.  And you control the amount of hay that is cut from the bale.  All of this control over variability makes these machines ideal for feeding into bunks, feeding into pasture, or putting down straw for bedding during bad weather events.  Safety is another big reason to buy a DewEze S3.  Spreading the hay out means that cows don't have to fight for food, and that means baby calves aren't getting stepped on as often happens when feeding hay from a bale ring.  Using the S3 also means that you won't have cows backing into your pickup, denting your doors, and busting your mirrors off as sometimes happens when unrolling hay with a bale bed.  The S3 can also be a big money maker.  Several farms have made a business out of rebaling large squares, or rounds into small square bales to sell to horse farms.  Buy hay by the ton, and sell it by the pound!  For rebaling purposes you may want a thicker cut, and that can be accomplished by replacing a drive belt to achieve a 7" thick cut. 

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   The new S3 is now quieter with less vibration due to the Schumacher drive sickle replacing the old wobble box design, and the new PTO version having a CV joint compared to the U-joint design used on the Super Slicer, and Super Slicer II.  These improvements also increase the feed rate, and allow you to turn sharper than the prior versions of slicers.    MSRP $23,400         

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