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Emotional-Behavior Disorder Consultant

Oakley, Kansas
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  1. Ability to communicate effectively and function cooperatively with students, teachers, parents, and administrators individually and in a group.
  2. Initiative that will lead to continued program improvement and development.
  3. Must have a valid Kansas Drivers License.


Hold or be eligible for Certification as a School Counselor or Behavior Disorders Special Education Teacher, Masters Level Clinical Therapist or Licensed Clinical Counselor.


Director of Special Education and/or Designee-NKESC

NKESC Executive Director


To achieve and maintain standards of excellence in the teaching or consulting of a Behavior Disordered area so that each student exposed to the program involved may derive the greatest academic and personal benefit from the learning experience. To assist the Director of Special Education in providing area-wide leadership in the area of Behavior Disorders.


  1. Assists in the preparation of student programs.
  2. Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the NKESC administration may from time to time assign
  3. Promotes and holds pre-service and inservice education training
  4. Performs demonstration lessons with students in classroom situations of observation by teachers.
  5. Assists in developing B.D. curricular revision, rewriting, and course distribution.
  6. Prepares special reports to teachers.
  7. Evaluates achievement and placement of students in assigned BD program.
  8. Plans, improves, and oversees testing programs for assigned BD program.
  9. Familiarizes himself/herself on a systematic and continuing basis with new trends and publications in assigned curricular area.
  10. Participates in those activities most likely to lead to continued professional growth.
  11. Design and implement a specific Behavior Plan for each child, for whom responsible, that will help the student with disabilities take advantage of his/her learning strengths and overcome his/her learning weaknesses.
  12. Assist in writing appropriate individual educational plan for all students for whom responsible. (according to major components designated in IDEA).
  13. Provide the general education classroom teacher(s) with the behavior plan and alternative teaching strategies that are being used with identified students.
  14. Provide informal or consultant role as initial indirect service to general education classroom teachers.
  15. Implement diagnostic-prescriptive teaching to obtain more specific student information that will assist in designing appropriate programs for students.
  16. Keeping accurate records related to the instruction and monitoring of all students for which they are responsible.
  17. Review student’s progress toward objectives consistently and modify program as needed.
  18. Complete informal observation of student’s behavioral and social functioning as appropriate.
  19. Coordinate programs with community agencies if such are needed with the principal’s approval.
  20. Provide behavior disorder expertise, Preschool-12.
  21. Train special education teachers to develop behavior management programs including objectives strategies and instrumentation for resource room/regular education teachers.
  22. Confer with BD consultants or psychologist on BD testing or management techniques and the home environment.
  23. Confer with administrators on management strategies.
  24. Provides Districts and NKESC with appropriate communications.
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