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Maremma Females

Ransom, Kansas
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Luna and Nora each a year old, 3/4 Maremma 1/4 Great Pyrenees, female, not spayed, Livestock Guardian Dogs. BIG lovers, do well with children from what we have seen. Fantastic at keeping coyotes away, are known to kill skunks and raccoons. Used to a singular cow and cats. They do well at keeping other cows safe but do need to be told that the cows are safe. Nora is occasionally nervous around new big animals and will bark, very easy to work with her and show her it's ok. They know the command sit. We have only been petting them if they successfully sit and that has worked wonders. Both girls are exceptionally smart and have no problem learning new commands. They are used to being able to free roam and love to have adventures. Luna loves riding in the bed of a pickup, Nora will do it, but doesn't have a lot of fun doing so. We are asking $500 for both girls, if they must be separated then for each dog we are asking $300. They have been together since they were born and haven't ever been separated, which is why we'd like to keep them together if we can. We wouldn't be trying to rehome them if we weren't preparing to move into city limits. 
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