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Tiny House Home - Cabin - Guest House Man/Woman Cave

Hays, Kansas
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Please DO NOT message me.

Rather please call me if you have any other questions.
I wrote a ton of details below to help you out that should answer most all of your questions.
My cell is..

20 more photos of this are on Facebook and Salina Craigslist if you want to see more. - Thank you.

As you know, campers just do not work anymore to show off to neighbors or friends.  Everyone has one...right?
They are boring looking also...;) 

This tiny house, tiny home, guest house, upscale deer blind, man cave, woman cave, airbnb or permanent house for your kid who won't move out is the ticket to happiness possibly.

Plus the American dollar will be worth nothing in a year most likely so go spend your money on gold or a tiny house so you have a physical asset at least;)

Seriously, I have two tiny houses right now and plan to just keep whichever one does not sell.  My other one is listed also but needs to be finished out and is much smaller.

My bottom dollar price is $13,750 for this one so just wanted to let you know in advance.

I do have several other items you can purchase seperately if needed.  I do not want to include anything that someone else might not want that adds to the cost.

Therefore, I priced it out at my bottom dollar in case someone does not want any of the items I have and can use for my camper, house or other tiny house/cabin that I plan to keep.

Please just Google "Kansas Tiny Home Laws" if you want to see them.  Kansas has very good laws which allows for tiny homes to be used at most all lakes and driven down the road.

Since this a little smaller size than what Kansas law requires for a technical tiny house label.  The trailer title, tag and registration is all that is needed for my tiny house to be legal.

Then I have it insured for up to $25,000 with my insurance company also to be safe.

I called Wilson Lake for example and they said it is perfectly fine to bring a tiny house like this and stay at the lake.

Shower-toilet-bathroom area
Since this one has a huge 12'7" deck right now.  It would be easy to take the 4 feet x 8 feet deck under the house and make this  open spaceinto your bathroom/shower area.

You also could make this into a bedroom area, laundry, or anything else basically.  

However, I wasn't going to do this yet to add to the cost of the tiny house in case I do not keep it and someone else might have their own ideas for this area or leave it like it is right now.

General specs 28'6" trailer deck
3 feet on tongue to 31'6" trailer length
8'5" wide

Tiny House
16 feet long
8'2" wide
12'3" tall so fits under small town bridges that are 12'6" typically.
3,390 pounds

Ceiling height is 9 feet 2.5 inches.
This large height makes it really feel roomy.
7'7" inside width
11'6" inside length

Trailer weighs 2350
5740 weight of trailer and tiny house empty

1260 pounds is how much cargo can be put on this trailer since it has two 3,500 pounds axles for a total of 7,000 GVWR.

History of tiny house
Tiny house was 3 years ago in 2019.
Owner owns a construction company so very well built and solid.
Well insulated in ceiling and walls.

We used a special reinforced trailer with piping across the beams as shown in the photo.

Then we lifted up the axles to give the decking plenty of clearance from wheels.

This also helps to easily get in and out of steep driveways and go over railroad tracks or other areas so you never hit anything on the bottom of the trailer.

Lastly, all the room under the trailer deck will allow for mounting a water tank if needed or jack stands, or storage possibly, etc.

There is 6 electrical outlets on the walls.
There is once circuit that currently is in place to go into the tiny house.

Water, AC, heater, Furniture, etc.
I have not put any pex rv type plumbing into this yet.  This is very easy to do, but if I don't keep it, someone else might want to do a system to keep everything inside rather than putting a fresh water tank underneath or on the back deck.

Many people opt for a whale foot pump for their water and keep everything inside incluing removable water tanks.

Then for showers inside there is many different options and battery powered water pumps and gas or electric water heaters.  I do have a almost new Bosch 7 gallon electric water heater.

Again, I am not including anything items in the price of the tiny house since I just wanted to price it out as a bottom dollar price since most people don't need all these expensive items most likely.

AC system - I have a $500 brand new inverter window AC system that is as powerful and efficient and quiet as a mini split.  Again, I have not mounted it yet in case I don't keep this.

Toilet - I do have the $1,000 Natures Head toilet which is the most popular and expensive compost toilet made.  You can take over 60 number 2's before you dump out the compost.  Very exciting stuff;)

That is a new $300 new fridge, a $2,000 special RV sofa (used, but in great shape) that folds out in 5 seconds into a bed, and a $650 65 inch brand new TV.
Go big or go there is plenty of wall space for that massage TV.

Heater - Most small tiny house, van dwellers, bus conversion, tiny camper experts recommend the Camco Wave 6 or 8 catalytic heater.  It runs off of propane and needs no electricity to operate.  It barely uses any propane either so that might be the perfect solution for winter for this.

One can easily be placed right in front of the house to go over the deck. 
Amazon has some 8 foot wide by 8 foot long awnings for around $200 that people use for their vans, campers, bus conversions, etc., that you do quickly manually which would work fine and look great.

I will update this if I can think of anything else.  Again, please just call me if you have any questions.
Thank you!
My cell is..

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