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I have worked in the Media and Entertainment Industry for over forty years. This has included helping clients get their scripts, show ideas and books packaged for development and into the hands of Industry decision makers and buyers. Our most recent projects include “Running Through”, “The Last Real Cowboy” and the film version of Jack Allen’s new novel “The Boss” (in development). See more credits for Michael David McGuire at, below.

Our process with all new writers begins with an initial evaluation of their script, show idea or book. This is a very specific process that helps get our clients over the major hurdles that hold most back from monetized success. These are very common hurdles that create major roadblocks to success before those writers can even get out of the starting gate. Almost always we can identify those challenges within a specific project and help fix the issues so that the writer’s project can move on to development and sales.

Our fee for this service is $750, which offers our writer clients by far more value than one would receive by engaging so-called ‘professional readers’ (who have no real Industry experience) or by blindly mailing manuscripts to agents. Very few in this initial development game have the depth of our team’s experience, past funding success, screen credits, skill, or Industry access.


***Very Specific Submission Requirements***

Please send us your name and a brief description of your project. Be sure to put ‘PROJECT EVALUATION and DEVELOPMENT’ in the subject line. We will then respond with out best contact phone number for followup.

To validate that you have read and understand these submission, please go to Type “Michael David McGuire” in the search bar. List at least one TV or film credit for McGuire (not mentioned above) in your submission to us. This will help give you an idea of the caliber our our work and be proof to us that you have actually read and understand the instructions in this posting.

We will not be able to respond to any submissions that do not meet the above validation requirements. All of our client relationships begin with the initial evaluation step as described above. We do not offer free evaluations, test services or deferred pay relationships.

Michael David McGuire

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