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Located South East of Damar KS lies 240 acres (150 acres CRP and 90 Acres Tillable) of unique hunting property that is an ideal location for various outdoor activities, including hunting. Here are some of the key features that make it a great place for hunting:

1. Pheasants: Pheasant hunting is popular among many outdoor enthusiasts. CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) cover provides suitable habitat for pheasants, making it an attractive location for bird hunters.

2. Quail: Like pheasants, quail hunting is another favorite pastime. The right habitat elements like CRP cover and food plots can attract and sustain quail populations.

3. Coyotes: Coyote hunting is often pursued for population control or sport. Your property's diverse landscape, including cover and food sources, can attract coyotes and make it a good location for hunting these predators.

4. White-Tail Deer: White-tail deer hunting is a popular and traditional pursuit. Food plots, windbreaks, and ponds can contribute to the overall health and attraction of deer to your property. This combination of features can enhance the chances of a successful deer hunt.

5. CRP Cover: The presence of CRP cover not only benefits pheasants and quail but also provides habitat for various wildlife, which can contribute to a balanced ecosystem.

6. Food Plots: Food plots are essential for attracting game animals and enhancing their nutrition. They can be strategically planted to provide food sources for the animals you wish to hunt.

7. Wind Breaks: Windbreaks can offer protection to wildlife and create ideal hunting spots, as they provide shelter from the wind and can serve as natural funnels for animals.

8. Pond: A pond on your property can be a valuable water source for wildlife and may attract various animals, including waterfowl, which can provide additional hunting opportunities.

In summary, your hunting property's diverse features and habitat management make it an excellent location for hunting pheasants, quail, coyotes, and white-tail deer, offering a wide 


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