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Smith Center, Kansas
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WILL CONSIDER TRADE FOR HX STOMP IN EXCELLENT CONDITION, plus small cash amount.Mid 70's Sano 500R-12 Tube amp. Great sounding, point to point wired amp, and very QUIET. Not as loud as a twin reverb, but loud enough, & Shimmering CLEAN tones. Excellent crunch with overdrive pedals. Reverb is AMAZING! The amp features 2x12 inch speakers, reverb, & 2x channels. Vol, bass, treble on each channel. The amp has a standby switch which is nice. External speaker jack, and pushbutton controls for reverb, and tremolo. The tremolo isn't currently working, or maybe it is? Listening, I can't really tell. If it is, its very subtle. Maybe you can make it really pop? It might not take much. Oddly enough this amp also has a stereo input on the first channel, because these amps were originally made for accordions with a stereo output. Just like the Fender bassman, guys have repurposed these awesome amps for guitar, and I would also state that this amp could also be used for bass, cause it has it for days!

 These amps were hand wired, point to point, by a group of ladies who's only job at Sano, was to do that all day long! The attention to detail is impeccable, as far as the placement of leads etc.. The amp didn't work when I bought it, but has been serviced by a tech and should be ready to use. Some caps were replaced and the death cap removed. It has a grounded ac plug as well.  The tubes are original, and they sound great, but they will eventually need replaced down the road at some point. At the moment the amp sounds excellent! Not sure what the wattage is on this amp, but I would say it's at least 60 to 80 watts. If you bought a tube amp point to point wired like this today, it would prolly cost alot! Why not buy this for half the price or more? Please call Three Zero Eight-Two Nine Three-Eight Five Three Zero, if you have any questions, or send me a message, and I'll be happy to try & answer them. Priced to sell, O.B.O. Local pickup only. The amp is located in Smith Center,Ks. Thanks, Tom

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