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Mahindra 5155

I-70 Exit 93
Grainfield, Kansas
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Better Built Trailers
I-70 Exit 93
Grainfield, KS 67737
Phone 785-673-5100

Built Heavy Duty to tackle the harshest enviornments.
Advanced Engine Technology  - 0% Regen. 100% Productivity.
The mCRD engine elimitates the need for a diesel particulate filter.

Mahindra 5155 4WD

W/Loader ..................$35,900 CASH PRICE or $37,900 LOW RATE FINANCING PRICE
w/Loader & Backhoe $44,600 CASH PRICE or $46,600 LOW RATE FINANCING PRICE 

These are Cash Prices.  Or choose Low Rate Financing in Lieu of the Cash Discount


  • ULTIMATE CONVINIENCE WITH THE SYNCHROMESH TRANSMISSION: Featuring a synchro-shuttle transmission with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears, the 5100 Series excels in swift front loader tasks. Its advanced engine technology ensures superior PTO horsepower with the 540/540E. Benefit from the 540E PTO setting for fuel savings and quieter operation during light work.
  • SUPREME COMFORT - KEY FEATURES OF THE OPERATOR PLATFORM: The operator platform features a near-flat floor, anti-slip rubber floor mat, and an adjustable seat with contoured cushions, armrests and a soft-coil suspension. Easy tractor access is provided by a two-step ladder. The power-assisted tilt-steering enhances control and reduces fatigue. The wide, flat fenders prevent mud sling and offer storage space.
  • THE ONLY ONE SIZE FITS ALL TRACTOR: Designed for versatility, these tractors feature, CAT 1 and CAT 2 three-point hitch for various implements, front tow-hook (DIA) and standard, rear clevis hitches, and one remote valves (expandable to two). Achieve low clearance with low-pivot ROPS.
  • UNLOCK GREATER VALUE WITH OUR EXTENSIVE RANGE OF STANDARD FEATURES: Experience superior functionality with our extensive standard features: ladder with grab rail, retractable seat belt, telescopic stabilizers, flex lower links, lowered frame-protected, ground fill fuel tank, and metal hood for optimal engine protection. Get on and off your tractor with easy to access grab handles.




  • TOUGH ON THE OUTSIDE. FRIENDLY ON THE INSIDE: Typically, engineers organize tractor operator stations. We chose a different path. We gleaned our ideas from actual users - our customers - to reimagine the Mahindra 5100 Series interior comfort for superior usability and efficiency.
  • EASY ENTRY: We added a two-step ladder (4A) for smaller operators. And we cleared the floor path so getting in and out of the tractor is a cinch.
  • NEAR-FLAT PLATFORM: We engineered our operator platform (4B) with the lowest hump possible. Our near-flat floor reduces the tripping hazard and provides maximum real estate for your feet when seated. Our tractor comes with an anti-slip rubber floor mat — standard — too.
  • SUPERIOR DRINK HOLDER: Our bolted-down drink holder (5D) is made to accommodate most cup sizes with a well that’s deep enough to prevent your beverage from spilling. It’s conveniently positioned beside and slightly in front of the driver, unobstructed by the operator controls, too.
  • SIDE IGNITION: Tractor operators are prone to knee-bumping their keys on front-facing ignitions. We addressed the problem with a simple solution, moving ours (5B) to the side.
  • TILT, POWER-ASSISTED STEERING: Our power-assisted tilt-steering (5C) reduces arm fatigue, improves driver control, and enhances dashboard visibility. Also, the steering wheel absorbs vibrations to make driving more like an automotive experience.
  • mCOMFORT SEAT: First, we didn’t skimp by using a lawnmower seat. Nor did we ignore details like tractor vibration. Instead, we created the industry’s most innovative chair (5A) ever, including contoured lower and upper seat cushions, integrated armrests, and forward and backward adjustable legroom. Plus, it comes with a soft-coil suspension to help prevent fatigue on those long days and a retractable seatbelt for added safety.
  • FLAT TOP FENDERS: Narrow or rounded fenders are thoughtless. Our fenders (5E) are wide to eliminate mud sling and flat to add storage space for useful items like a toolbox, chain saw, and a radio.
  • ADVANCED ENGINE TECHNOLOGY: Mahindra’s state-of-the-art, Common Rail Diesel (CRD) engine (6A) results from a $30 million engineering investment. Our eco-friendly,4-cylinder, fuel-injected powertrain guarantees - Efficient engine performance, High power output at low RPMs, Superior PTO horsepower, Reduced fuel consumption, Strong warranty. Also, the engine removes the need for a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Therefore, you experience - No regen downtime, Fewer parts to replace, Quieter operation, No squandered warranty hours, No wasted fuel.
  • BEST-ALL-AROUND STANDARD TRANSMISSION: Our synchromesh transmission comes standard with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears. It allows the operator to select more speeds, making it hands down the best-all-around tractor for fast, front loader work.
  • BEST-ALL-AROUND PTO: Our engine technology provides superior PTO horsepower when compared to Deere® or Kubota®. What’s more, we include “E” economy mode standard to help you save on fuel. Bottom line, we offer the best-all-around PTO solution among market leaders.
  • QUICK-CONNECT LOADER ATTACHMENTS: It takes only a few seconds to attach a Mahindra bucket, blade, forks, or bale spears with our skid-steer like connections. (6B)
  • GO-ANYWHERE 4WD: The Mahindra 5100 Series 4-wheel-drive tractors quickly plow through snow, mud, and flooded fields. Heavy front axles boost stability, making loader work safer and faster. They add counterweight when using 3-point implements, too.
  • BEST-ALL-AROUND UPTIME: Ever hopped onto a tractor to take care of a job, only to have your tractor kick into “regen mode”? That stalls production between 15 - 45 minutes (depending on the brand) and equates to hours of lost productivity year-over-year. Notto mention you’ll get burned on regen parts replacement, lost warranty hours, and needless fuel consumption. Our mCRD engine is advanced, eliminating the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF), so you’ll significantly reduce the cost of ownership and improve productivity.
  • HEAVY-DUTY, HEAVY-WEIGHT: Our base model, with agriculture or industrial tires, is rock-solid at 5390 lb. Attach a front loader, and this 6,690 lb. 4WD tractor becomes an unstoppable beast.
  • CONNECT MORE IMPLEMENTS: Our high-powered Category 1 & 2 PTO (7A) increases access to dozens of 3-point, CAT 1 & CAT 2 implements.
  • VERSATILE 3-POINT HITCH: You’ll be able to connect to dozens of implements and take on any task with our ball-pivot CAT I (8A) & CAT II (8B) connectors with telescopic stabilizers & flex links.
  • HYDRAULICS: The 5100 Series comes with one remote valve for powering your attachments. Add an optional second rear valve (8C) for complex attachments like a backhoe.
  • FRONT BUMPER LEVER: For hood clearance and quick access to the engine, we added a pull to hinge the bumper forward.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: We provide easy engine access for self-servicing. Like a truck, pull a spring-loaded pin to unlatch the hood and a tether to close it.
  • FUEL TANK LOCATION: Refilling a fuel tank high atop the engine is time consuming, back-breaking, and can lead to spills. We solved all these issues by lowering ours to a comfortable refill height, near ground level protected by the tractor’s frame.
  • METAL HOOD: While many competitors use plastic hoods, we chose to make ours from metal to better protect the engine.

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