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Truck camper Jacks - 4 of them

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Please DO NOT MESSAGE me, but rather call me if you want any of these truck camper jacks

Thank you in advance and do not text me either...and feel free to call me anytime.
48.64... is my cell #.

I also posted two videos on YouTube of me using the truck camper winch jacks and breaking them down also which is fairly quick and easy to do.

The videos are shown on YouTube and just type the title of my two videos in the SEARCH bar on YouTube to pull them up.
Or call me and I will text them to you from my cell.

Truck Camper Jacks 77
Truck Camper Jacks 7

These are the extremely dependable cable truck camper jacks which can be taken down easily for transport or storage and two of them are the heaviest duty, most expensive cable jacks you can purchase.

As you probably figured out, truck camper jacks are expensive and hard to find.

They also can cost more than the truck camper as I found out on to truck campers that I purchased in the past that did not have working truck camper jacks because they were the hydraulic ones that broke.

The hydraulic truck camper jacks are expensive and excellent also, but they can easily fail due to the rubber seals inside of them.

The main advantage to these cable winch jacks is they last a lifetime, never break down.

The only drawback is they do take up more space than a hydraulic jack, but they can be taken down for storage and transport easily.

I have two different weight class jacks, but they can work fine using them all together since two of them are the highest weight class limit that is sold.

These are my bottom dollar prices on them also just so you know.  

I paid a lot for them and traveled a long way to get them since truck camper jacks are hard to find as you are probably finding out yourself.

The large two truck camper jacks I have go as high as you can get which is 70 inches.  

New these same 4,000 pound pair (2,000 lbs each) sell for over $1000 with tax.
I will sell these two for $450 ($225 a piece) to save you over 50% compared to new ones.

$250 ($125 a piece) is the cost of the other pair of slightly smaller and shorter truck camper jacks since they sell for around $550 new from with tax or from other companies so that save you 50% also roughly.

I will only sell these camper jacks all together so that is $700 total....
Well, now that I think about it, just make it $650 to help save you $50 that you can use for gas.

I am selling them all together since I figured someone who needs truck camper jacks needs at least 3 of them to lift their truck camper, but I always found out using 4 of them was just safer to do.

The other pair can work fine with these and they are rated at 3,000 pounds or possibly 2,000 pounds together (1,000 lbs each or 1,500 each).  

They are difficult to tell which ones they might be exactly just like with any other older style cable jack since none of them were labeled or stamped on the steel anywhere.
However, used along with the other heaviest duty cable jacks you can find that I have... they will work just fine.

The only slight drawback to them being slightly less in lifting capacity compared to my others is they have a maximum height of 57 inches.  

Most truck camper jacks come in the 57 height.

You can always put some wood or even cinderblocks with wood below these if you need to increase the height a little.

Anyway, hope this information helps out since most people are too familar with truck camper jacks.

Just call me if you want these on my cell listed above.

Thank you and have a great day.

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