Dodge Durango AWD - 4x4 seats 7 passengers-3 rows of seating

Hays, Kansas
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PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE me, but rather call me if you have any questions.  My cell # is:
48.64...and call anytime if fine. 
Thank you!

20 more photos are on Facebook or Salina Craigslist if you want to see more - thanks.

My AWD 4x4 5.7 Hemi Dodge Durango is in excellent running condition and has been well taken care of over the years.

Very few people do the proper scheduled maintenience items on their Durango's or any other vehicle for that matter so that is why they have so many issues in later years.

Therefore, here is a TON of information below on my excellent running Dodge Durango.

Since I know buying a used vehicle stressful and very important to any of us and most people, not all, but most people don't take care of their used vehicles worth a darn.

For example, I just spent 8 hours doing these key scheduled maintenience things on my Dodge Durango so it will run strong for years to come.

Any mechanic shop would charge around $1,500 so I did it myself since these things below are easy, but very time consuming to do.

 1,000 miles ago  I changed out all the 16 spark plugs (every 30k miles Dodge recommends)

Then I also changed out all the oil in the rear end, front end, transfer case, transmission/filter/oil, etc., and cleaned the AC condensor coils, etc.

I used Lucus fuel additive everytime that I filled up for gas and some other additives also in the fuel and oil from time to time.

The Lucas fuel additive contains a blend of detergents and additives that help to clean and lubricate the fuel system, including the fuel injectors, carburetor, and combustion chamber.

I also used ATP-205 in all my oil changes, transmission, tranfer case, front end and rear end since this completely protects the rubber gaskets from ever cracking and leaking oil over time.

 Since it rejuivinates all rubber seals & gaskets in engines, transmissions, differentials and hydraulic systems.  

It is $20 extra to put in my oil change each time, but it is worth it to keep the engine seals and gaskets from costing me $1500 in the future to replace them.

Here are some of the other key maintenience items done which most any Dodge Durango has done around 100k-140k mile range.

New radiator at 165k miles
New alternator at 155 miles
New thermostat, belt, belt tensioner, etc.  at 180K miles

$1,000 worth of new tires and spare at 152k miles and always got balanced and rotated every 5k miles.  
50% of tire tread left on excellent all terrain Hankook tires.

Alignment done at 160k miles
New AC compressor and system done at 162k miles

New ball joints and tire rod ends done at 147k miles.

Two new electronic key fabs made two months ago for $225.

$4,800 is my bottom dollar price on Dodge Durango since I have kept it in such good running condition.

Cruise, AC, lights all work great.
The same is true for the electronic seat controls, radio, power windows, etc.

The Hemi is a really strong engine and I have pulled a camper with it sparingly over the years from time to time.

It can actually even pull up to 7,500 pounds and a 750 pound  tongue weight which is excellent.

It has 3 rows of seating so you put 7 adults in this.  I usualy always laid the seats all flat to store items inside since I do not have any kids.

It has never been smoked in either.

The only 3 minor things about this Dodge Durango would be the following and I adjusted my price down to reflect this.

Did get some hail on it over the years, but being that is silver, they are not very noticeable unless you get up close.  

There is no window cracks or even chips on any of my windows.

I just had new front brakes and rotors put on this week for $350 and the back are fine.

 I had my tires rotated and balanced just last week and I had him look for me and he said they would need to be replaced soon.

The last thing is the leather/vinyl seating in all these Dodge Durango's and other vehicles over the years can tend to crack somewhat.  Which mine does in the drivers seat somewhat just in a few spots.  

The leather vinyl seats and are so much better than fabric seats of course that stain so easily.

Again, call me if you have any questions.
I got this Dodge Durango in 2018 at around 110,000 miles and now it is has 184,00 miles.

An older retired gentleman had it before me and took excellent care of it until he had to go into a nursing home.

I am only selling it since I am moving and traveling with my camper and all my other items.

Therefore, I am selling everything, but my camper and buying a $15k to $20K newer used truck/SUV since I will be hauling around 9,000 pounds with my new vehicle and camper loaded up with water,  food, outdoor gear, generator, etc. all loaded up.

Again, just give me a call anytime.
Thank you

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