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Hays, Kansas
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The 10 items below will be sold to the highest bidder/best offer by 11am on June 30, 2024. The person who submits the highest bid to purchase ALL the items listed or who submits the highest dollar amount offer to buy ONE or several items will be able to buy the item (s) they have submitted the highest bid offer to purchase.

So if there is an item you are really interested in buying, send me a message on NexTech with your best offer to buy.  Include your phone number so I can contact you if you are the highest bidder on the item(s) you want to purchase. Keep in mind, I will be receiving highest bid offers daily and a low bid offer on the item you want to purchase could be “out bid” at anytime.    

If you send me a message, “How much will you take for everything?”  My reply will be, “Your best highest offer bid to buy everything”  Your highest offer to buy might $20.00 or it might be $100.00. You will want to figure up your best offer to buy all 10 items and submit your bid!  Highest bid on June 30th buys everything. 

Everything works except the chain saw does not start. It may run OK but I do not have any chain saw 2 cycle gas for it. If you want to look at any items before you submit a bid, please send me a message through NexTech and let me know the day and time you want to make arrangements to look at the item. 

All items are located at the property on the east edge of Hays, KS. Please plan to make arrangements to pick up the item (s) on Sunday afternoon or the evening of June 30, 2024 after 3pm.  Arrangements can also be made any time of day on Monday July 1st. Keep in mind, if you are unable to pick up your item(s) on one of those days, it may not be practical for you to submit a bid/best offer to purchase an item.    

Item #1     Two Steel Culverts - SOLD    Selling two 24” steel water housing culverts. 18” diameter – Heavy gage galvanized corrugated steel.     

Item #2    Drop Hitch -   Selling a used trailer drop hitch with a 1 7/8” ball.  The drop is 8” and the support wings are 22” long. 

Item #3    Concrete Blocks - Selling one 12” x 15” x 7½” & one 10” x 15” x 7½” concrete blocks.  

Item #4    Garage Door Channel Tracks - Two  87” long galvanized steel tracks for overhead garage doors.

Item #5     Chain Saw -  Selling “as is” chain saw. Selling for my dad and I don’t know if it may or may not work because I don’t have any 2 cycle chain saw gas. 

Item #6      Weed trimmer motor  - Selling a used Ryobi weed trimmer MOTOR  My son had this weed trimmer for several years and the switch had problems so he took it to the repair shop.  When they told him how much it was going to cost for the parts and labor (plus to replace the trimmer head cable) He decided to just buy a cordless electric weed trimmer instead.  The motor works fine. If you are a small engine hobbyist mechanic and know how to work on these trimmers, this might be of interest to you for a few dollars.    

Item #7       Dodge Caravan Front seat  –  2003 Dodge Grand Caravan front bucket seat.  I’m selling the driver side (left side) front seat that would fit in several different year models of the Dodge Grand Caravan or Dodge Caravan (1996 to 2007). This seat is “like new” and is in excellent condition.  Gray cloth, no tears, rips, burns or stains. Manual adjustments. The seat has already been removed from the van and is ready for  you to replace your old worn out seat with a nice new one!

Item #8     Fencing -  95 feet of fencing - Selling 9 pieces of various sizes 24” tall wire fencing. Fence openings are 2” wide x 4” tall.   Most of the fence pieces are cut to make round loops approximately 2½’ to 5’ in diameter/across and the lengths are 8 feet to 14’ long (circumference).  These were used to put around newly planted trees and shrubs to keep the rabbits from eating the bark and stems off bushes and small trees during the winter months.  Also good for small animal fencing.   .  

One is 2’ diameter = 7 feet circumference

Three are 2½’ diameter = 8 feet circumference

Two are 3½’ diameter = 10 feet circumference

One 4½’ diameter = 13 feet circumference

One is 5’ diameter = 14 feet circumference

One is 5½’ diameter = 15 ½ feet circumference

NINE TOTAL  = Approximately 95

Item #9        Roll of plastic twine Full roll of plastic twine

Item #10     5 - Steel T Posts - FStandard T Posts Five feet long & studded with anchor plates. 


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