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Duluth Trading 4 Flannel 2xlt

Cimarron, Kansas
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These are four of my Duluth trading company flannels. I think I have about 10. The only reason I am selling these 4 is because I have lost weight and want to buy more some that fit me better. If you haven’t ever owned a Duluth trading company flannel I really think you’re missing out on the best type of flannel out there, two of them are extra heavy, which are great for being outside if you don’t feel like wearing a coat for a little bit, and I’ve used them as a jacket but two of them are trim fit and lighter weight and good for working in the shop or going to church so that you don’t get as hot. The heavyweight are super warm and very durable. I’ve been wearing Duluth flannels for probably 8 years and hope someday to actually be a Duluth Trading Company model as a side gig! They are legit. I’d expect these to last at least 10 more years if they were in my closet. I wear these a lot over a t-shirt when I’m at the office and they are perfect and look nice. I feel like these are lightly worn for the rating the condition and I bumped against the fence one day on the red and brown flannel and put a hole in it. I think it’s below the waist line if I tuck it in, but it’s still a fave. I am 6’2” and at the time of buying almost weighed 250, with some decent average big guy muscle probably. Now I’m just a leaner 230 and hope to cut down to 225 by the fall and they’ll just be too big in my wife’s words. So time to clean the closet and hopefully one of you big boys will enjoy these! 💪

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