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Timeshare in Florida

Ellis, Kansas
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Timeshare at Vacation Village at Weston-Florida.  2 bedroom/2 bathroom every odd year. Week 4/22-4/29.  Here is a link to this specific resort:

The best thing we found with owning a timeshare you can literally travel almost anywhere in the nation and world wide with the timeshare exchange market. You simply exchange your week for another resort paying an exchange fee around $100.  You can go stay anywhere for this amt/week at practically anytime throughout the year!  You can also combine your weeks so you can take longer vacations or extend you deposit week if you aren't able to take the vacation that year you can take it at a later time.  Through RCI you also have access to discounts with air, cruise, and travel expenses. RCI also has "last minute vacations,"  where you can take a last minute trip for a discounted price.

RCI gives you access to over almost 4,000 destinations and over 100 countries world wide. You can also use Platinum Interchange or Interval International or you can also internally exchange to sixty Vacation Village Resorts and Affiliates.  I always used RCI.  You can explore RCI and all the options here:

Timeshare Advantages and Benefits

  1. Encourages you to take a yearly vacation.
  2. Spacious condo-style accomodations, versus a cramped hotel room.
  3. Guarantees you a vacation every year for the rest of your life.
  4. Assures you of spacious accommodations in the most desirable locations.
  5. Allows you to pay for future vacations at today's prices.
  6. Allows you get involved with a one-time initial purchase price.
  7. Ensures annual vacation time with family friends and loved ones
  8. Gives you great vacation flexibility, with worldwide exchanges.
  9. Gives you the option to rent your time-share.
  10. You can lend it to family and friends.
  11. You can will your ownership to your heirs. It doesn't expire when you do.

Additional timeshare advantages

  1. Time share owners take more vacations after they buy a timeshare.
  2. Vacations create lasting memories.
  3. Some vacations may be tax deductable. Ask a professional tax advisior.


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