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Looking to upgrade your phone without being tied to a contract? Check out my current inventory below or at Warranties offered on all devices! Follow me on Facebook at


iPhone 5c
-16gb Pink (Unlocked*) - $100

iPhone 6
-16gb Gray (Unlocked**) - $200
-16gb Silver (Unlocked*) - $200
-64gb Gray (Unlocked*) - $250

iPhone 6 Plus
-16gb Gold (Unlocked*) - $275
-64gb Silver (Unlocked**) - $325
-64gb Space Gray (Unlocked^) - $325
-128gb Gold (Unlocked^) - $375

iPhone 6s
-16gb Rose Gold (Unlocked*) - $250
-16gb Silver (Unlocked^) - $250

iPhone 6s Plus
-16gb Silver (Unlocked*) - $325
-64gb Rose Gold (Unlocked*) - $375

iPhone 7
-32gb Silver (GSM Unlocked) - $375
-128gb Special Edition Red (Unlocked*) - $450
-256gb Black (Unlocked*) - $500

iPhone 7 Plus
-32gb Black (Straight Talk) - $450
-128gb Jet Black (Unlocked*) - $525
-128gb Black (AT&T/Straight Talk/Cricket) - $525
-128gb Red Special Edition (AT&T/Straight Talk/Cricket) - $550
-256gb Gold (Unlocked*) - $575
-256gb Black (AT&T/Straight Talk/Cricket) - $575

iPhone 8
-64gb Red NEW w/o box (Unlocked*) - $650
-64gb Gold NEW w/o box (Unlocked*) - $650

iPhone 8 Plus
-256gb Red NEW w/o box (Verizon/Straight Talk) - $800
-256gb Black NEW w/o box (Verizon/Straight Talk) - $800

iPhone X
-256gb Silver NEW w/o box (Verizon/Straight Talk) - $950
-256gb Black NEW w/o box (Verizon/Straight Talk) - $950

-iPhone chargers (generic) - $5 each


-32gb* Motorola Droid Turbo 2 (Verizon) - $50
-32gb* LG G4 (Verizon) - $150
-32gb* LG G5 Gray (Unlocked*) - $200
-16gb* Samsung S5 Black (Verizon) - $100
-32gb* Samsung S7 Black (Verizon) - $250
-64gb* Samsung S8 Silver (Unlocked*) - $425
-64gb* Samsung S8 Plus Black (Unlocked*) $450
-32gb* Samsung Note 4 Black (Verizon) - $175
-32gb Samsung Note 5 Blue (Verizon) - $250
-64gb* Samsung Note 8 Black (AT&T/ST/Crick) - $550
* indicates memory is expandable via an SD card

-Android chargers (generic) - $5 each or OEM - $7 each


-32gb WiFi + cellular - $140

iPad 4
-16gb WiFi + Verizon - $165

Trade ins will be considered. Payment methods accepted are cash, credit/debit card, PayPal, and Facebook pay. Payments made via credit/debit cards are charged a 4% fee. Phones are located in Great Bend KS but can be shipped anywhere for an extra $10.

All devices are lightly used unless otherwise noted and each is sold with a 10 day limited warranty. The warranty covers issues found to be faulty at the time the customer purchased the phone and not issues that are caused by the buyer misusing or damaging the device, including the device being taken apart in any way. Devices that have defects are advertised as such and said defects will not be covered under warranty.  Batteries are also not covered under warranty for multiple reasons. Any phones returned under warranty will be thoroughly inspected for misuse/damage. My 10 day warranty is only offered for devices purchased at the listed price. Devices purchased at a negotiated price are covered by a one day limited warranty. Active manufacturer warranties supersede the warranty I offer.

Unlocked* = Verizon phone which is factory unlocked.  Unlocked^= AT&T phone that has been unlocked. Unlocked** = phone from another carrier that has been unlocked.

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