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Lead Paint Testing services

Claflin, Kansas
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We do Lead Paint Inspections, Lead Risk Assessments, and single/multiple component testing for lead paint for contractors working in/on older homes.

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Lead Based Paint Inspection - For this service we will conduct a surface-by-surface investigation determining whether lead-based paint is present in a house or dwelling units, including common areas and exterior surfaces. A full detailed written report will be provided describing all aspects of the inspection including, if present, which building components contain lead-based paint. This test is good to alleviate your concerns by informing you where, if any, lead based painted components are located. A lot of  houses built after 1960 may not have any lead based paint in them and having it certified would also be a great asset to have if you are attempting to sale your home. $330-450 

Lead Risk Assessment- we will provide an onsite investigation to determine the existence, nature, severity, and location of lead-based paint hazards in a residential dwelling or child-occupied facility and provide a full detail written report explaining the results of the investigation and options for reducing any lead-based paint hazards. During this test we check damaged/deteriorated paint for the presence of lead paint. We also take inside dust samples and outside soil samples which are sent to a certified laboratory to check for the presence of lead.  $350-450 for the Risk Assessment, water sampling would be extra.

Lead Based Paint Inspection/Risk Assessment combo - Sometimes the most proactive choice is to do the full barrage of tests. This option will include all aspects of the Lead Based Paint Inspection and the Lead Risk Assessment. This would be cheaper than purchasing the tests separately due to the combining of certain expenses.  With this service we do the Inspection first, therefore if no lead paint is found the client can decide than rather or not to continue with the Risk Assessment.  $600-$700 if both services are completed, if no Risk Assessment is conducted than the above prices for Lead Inspection would apply with water sampling being extra.

Component Testing - In this service, we will come to the home and test single or multiple components for the presence of lead based paint. This is especially useful for contractors or home owners doing minor to major remodeling in pre-1978 houses. $100-$130 which would cover 20 readings with XRF, each reading above 20 would be $2.5 each.

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