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December 11 ag equipment auction

Hays, Kansas
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Ag equipment auction
December 11, 2019

The following assets will be sold to the highest bidders regardless of price with no reserves and no minimum bids.

2013 Case IH Magnum 260 MFWD tractor
2010 John Deere 4830 sprayer
2018 Case IH Maxxum 145 tractor
2011 Stinger 6500 hay bale stacker
2011 John Deere 9330 4WD tractor
2015 Massey-Ferguson Hesston 2290 large square baler
2007 John Deere 5625 tractor
2004 Barrett livestock trailer
2011 John Deere 1890C air seeder
Kubota M105X MFWD tractor
2016 Turbo Saw RS3000HD skid steer tree saw
2003 Case IH Patriot SPX3185 sprayer
1975 John Deere 4630 tractor
1980 Versatile 895 4WD tractor
2005 John Deere 1770NT no-till planter
Land Pride RCM3615 Plainsman Series 2 batwing rotary mower
International 1586 tractor
2009 New Holland TD5050 tractor
2011 Case IH Titan 4520 applicator
2013 Brillion XXL-184 packer
1993 John Deere 6200 tractor
Blu-Jet Sub Tiller II in-line ripper
Supreme 700 feed mixer
1977 John Deere 4630 tractor
Degelman 14-1 A/T six-way blade
1992 International 4700 feed mixer truck
2016 Turbo Saw RS30 tree saw
Summers soil packer
1991 Case 580 Super K landscape tractor
Ag-Chem TerraGator 1803 sprayer
2017 MDS Roto-King RK750 round bale processor
2017 Zhejiang Jingu BMS Ranch Pony 800 utility vehicle
1981 Hesston 6650 windrower
Sterling soil packer
Brent 882 grain cart
1984 Great Dane drop deck trailer
2017 John Deere HH40C skid steer hammer
Westfield MK100-71 auger
Ogden Hybrid Hay Runner hay rake
(2) Goodyear Optitrac 900/60R32 tires and wheels
2016 Patriot 3Bar track closer
John Deere 7300 Max Emerge II no-till planter
DewEze 278 steel hydraulic bale bed
1984 John Deere 950 tractor
2013 Starlite utility trailer
2016 Might Axe skid steer tree shear
2016 John Deere Z930R ZTR lawn mower
2015 John Deere Z950M ZTR lawn mower
1962 Chevrolet 60 grain truck
2013 John Deere QuikTrak 652B ZTR lawn mower
Case IH DMI 2500 ripper
2017 John Deere WH61A ZTR lawn mower
2014 John Deere 512 loader
1994 Chevrolet Kodiak C6500 applicator truck
Knight 1040 manure spreader
1995 John Deere 693 corn head
(4) 2016 Mighty Axe skid steer tree shear
1975 John Deere 2270 windrower
1947 Ford 8N tractor
Clark GCS25MB forklift
DFM HD72 skid steer grapple bucket
Kinze 2000 planter
(4) 2016 Mighty Axe skid steer tree shear
(4) 2016 Mighty Axe skid steer tree shear
1997 John Deere 925F flex head
2011 John Deere 960A ZTR lawn mower
Mighty Axe skid steer tree shear
(4) 2016 Mighty Axe skid steer tree shear
2015 Fritsch 84"W high dump bucket
John Deere MP84B multi-purpose bucket
1995 John Deere 9500 combine
New Holland 355 feed mixer/grinder
1964 John Deere 4010LP tractor
John Deere 673 loader
(3) 2016 John Deere 14x17.5 solid tires
2000 Warren AT-36-SER9 feed delivery trailer
2014 Wright ZTR lawn mower
2013 KMW 84"W bucket
1974 New Holland Hayliner 278 small square baler
Kuhn GA4120 hay rake
(32) concrete hog slats/flooring
2006 Claas RU600 rotary forage head
1997 MacDon hay bale mover
2001 New Holland 688 round baler
2010 Frontier AD12D 76"W grapple bucket
Balemaster SK-STR-EM Grapple 2500 grapple bucket
WW Reefmaster livestock chute
John Deere rotary mower
Livestock chute
2014 John Deere X304 lawn mower
2008 John Deere X500 lawn mower
Cherry Burell 200EPB vat pasteurizer
Richiger R10 grain bagger
(2) Rock auger bit
Land leveler scraper
2003 John Deere GX345 lawn mower
2010 John Deere X320 lawn mower
Box blade
Eurorake hay rake
Raven SCS450NVM spray controller
John Deere LM2455JD fertilizer system
1995 John Deere 930 flex head
Hog gates/panels kit
John Woods cooled tank
John Deere SA60 bucket
2007 John Deere X500 lawn mower
(2) Livestock shed
Oliver 265 disk
1977 Versatile 150 bi-directional 4WD tractor
Spartan 72"W root rake
Yale G51C-040-CFS-G forklift
2016 Frontier GM2060R finish mower
(2) Grain bin
2014 John Deere D140 lawn mower
Parker 2600 gravity box
Gehl 95XD feed mixer
2016 John Deere 390 off-set mower
2003 John Deere X300 lawn mower
(2) Grain bin
2003 John Deere LX277 lawn mower
2014 John Deere 42HYD tiller
2013 John Deere X300 lawn mower
John Deere disk
Tiger TM-72 side boom rotary mower
AGCO sprayer bed
Fisher 1000 spreader
(2) Manure spreader
International 330 hay wagon frame
(2) Disk
Concrete mixer
John Deere D170 lawn mower
Ex Mark Turf Tracer lawn mower
(2) Livestock shed
1986 Case IH 3640 round baler
Mobility 500 spreader
(2) Manure spreader
Federal seven head bottle filler
2007 John Deere X304 lawn mower
Electro Freeze ice cream freezer
1974 Chevrolet C65 grain truck
Pop up loader
Frontier PB1002 two bottom plow
Westphalia MP1254 separator
Allis Chalmers D14 tractor
(2) Goodyear 620/75R26 tires and wheels
John Deere LVB25341 1850MM bucket
John Deere X300 lawn mower
(2) Rock auger bit
John Deere D160 lawn mower
John Deere 725 UXV HPX T series straight dozer blade
2014 Unverferth 2000321TS auto shut-off
Belltec HSDA240-48 flight auger bit
2014 Frontier RB2060 blade
International disk
Belltec HRSA180 double flight auger bit
Steel palpation cage
2000 John Deere 925F flex head
Case IH 955 Cyclo Air no-till planter
John Deere X304 lawn mower
2016 John Deere BW16183 1850MM bucket
Cherry Burnell vat pasteurizer
2015 John Deere BW15918 85"W bucket
John Deere LA135 lawn mower
Delaval MCE-600 sunset cooler tank
Balemaster JDGC-OA bale spear
John Deere L110 lawn mower
Mueller cooled tank
Lincoln Lincwelder welder
2013 Danuser EP10 auger
Balemaster JDH480 pallet forks
John Deere chisel
John Deere 2150MM 86"W bucket
(13) Anhydrous ammonia tank
2016 John Deere 1850MM 73"W bucket
McCormick-Deering sickle mower
2014 John Deere 1850MM 73"W bucket
MDS JDH480 bale spear
Murray Select lawn mower
(2) Disk
2016 John Deere 1850HD CAT1 73"W bucket
2011 Frontier AB11D bale spear
(6) Anhydrous ammonia tank running gear
2015 John Deere 1850MM 73"W bucket
2016 Frontier AB13D bale spear
(6) Anhydrous ammonia tank running gear
2016 Balemaster Koyker K300-665-DQA SS bale spear
Grain leg buckets and belt
2011 John Deere 60DM Autoconnect deck
(13) Anhydrous ammonia tank
2016 Tri-L bale spear
Approximately 110 steel T-posts
Bale spear
John Deere LA105 lawn mower
(13) Anhydrous ammonia tank
(13) Anhydrous ammonia tank
(13) Anhydrous ammonia tank
John Deere 1010 cultivator
(6) Anhydrous ammonia tank running gear
(13) Anhydrous ammonia tank
2016 John Deere 72D Autoconnect mower deck
(13) Anhydrous ammonia tank
2015 Frontier AB13E bale spear
Hesston 2210 field cultivator
2014 John Deere BW15573 73"W bucket
John Deere 48C mower deck
Bonanza wood burning stove
(13) Anhydrous ammonia tank
1973 John Deere 7700 combine
Diesel engine parts
(4) hydraulic cylinders
(6) Anhydrous ammonia tank running gear
(13) Anhydrous ammonia tank
2014 Balemaster GB330-660-870-QA SS bale spear
Tri-L LPWW-H480 pallet forks
Blair Feed-R-Wagon feed wagon
(13) Anhydrous ammonia tank
John Deere 42M mower deck
Hesston 4870 square bale processor
Blattner 4AMWKTB bi-fold livestock chute wheel kit
2013 Frontier AB11D bale spear
John Deere BH84291 round bar concaves
(2) Steel fuel tank
Overhead I-beam hoist
(2) Steel fuel tank
(13) Anhydrous ammonia tank
John Deere FB-B grain drill
CIP stainless steel wash vat
Emery Thompson 20NW ice cream freezer
Bush Hog 285 rotary mower
King Cutter blade
2015 John Deere Exactemerge row unit
Belltec HSDA180-48 single flight auger bit
(6) Anhydrous ammonia tank running gear
2013 Balemaster K300-665-QA SS bale spear
2015 John Deere broom
(6) Anhydrous ammonia tank running gear
Krause field cultivator
John Deere L120 lawn mower
2014 John Deere HD 73"W bucket
Tri-L APSS-H480 adapter
Land Pride PD9 semi double auger assembly bit
(4) chainsaws
(2) Drag
(2) Drag
John Deere L118 lawn mower
(13) Anhydrous ammonia tank
Olathe Manufacturing 685 aerator disk
AGCO 1616 lawn mower
Four bottom plow
(13) Anhydrous ammonia tank
Schaben Hypro FMC-75-HYD-206 pump
2014 Danuser DA21305 skid steer quick attach plate
Delaval HTST pasteurizer
(4) RTK poles
AGCO Allis 1613G lawn mower
2014 John Deere BW14147 73"W bucket
Poulan Pro lawn mower
John Deere BH84291 small wire concaves
John Deere AT316548G 12"W bucket
Tube cooler
Gaulin homogenizer
Tri-L tractor loader adapter
Wilbeck 2513 chisel
Stainless steel refrigerator
(4) propane tanks
The Creamery Package tank
Pipe trailer
Murray lawn mower
Girton King Zero ice builder
John Deere 12"W bucket
Steel shop table
John Deere BWA1499 tractor parts
(3) air compressors
(2) wood burning stoves
(2) tanks
Convey All TO-1055 grain conveyor
Double windrow attachment
2014 John Deere H310 loader bracket kit
2017 John Deere bagging system hopper
Blattner 4H-DAA4 45 degree section panels
Shop built hay bale trailer
2011 Hillco LT700 lateral tilt header system
(3) Mercedes-Benz OH360 six cylinder diesel engine
(3) Mercedes-Benz OH360 six cylinder diesel engine
John Deere EH valve mounting parts
John Deere 653 row crop head
The Air Seeder hopper
Mercedes-Benz six cylinder diesel engine
Euro/Globel to John Deere 400/500 carrier adapter
Americorp skid steer ride control kit
Kuker sprayer
John Deere BH84226 round bar concaves
Spray boom
(2) Plastar commodity bag
2016 Great Plains 3S4000 knock downs
Meridian stainless steel tank
Doyle grain leg
Flex King KB-12 V-plow
2015 John Deere MID Z DFS HPR bagging system hopper
2014 Kage tractor mounting attachment
Butane tank
(4) electric motors
John Deere SM500 monitor
(2) Plastar commodity bag
2012 Pemberton 344J hydraulic quick coupler
(2) 2012 MDS 125204 H480 weld-on mounts
(3) Mercedes-Benz OH360 six cylinder diesel engine
Hutchinson grain auger
2015 John Deere 0046PC Harvest Mobile wireless data server
(2) Raven AutoTrac controller
Lunsford cotton weed reel
(2) Raven AutoTrac controller
2012 John Deere PF90710 SPFH ATU base kit row track
John Deere front PTO kit
John Deere 1990CCS grain drill part
John Deere kernel processor
John Deere kernel processor rolls
Idex 98-13381-01 milk tester
Williams & Davis boiler
(2) 2012 MDS 125204 H480 weld-on mounts
2010 John Deere 1840E9650 main frame/gate wear liner

325 items in this auction will begin to close at 10 a.m CST on Wednesday, December 11, 2019. The auction includes 223 items in Kansas, 46 items in Missouri, 26 items in Illinois, 13 items in Oklahoma, 12 items in Colorado, 4 items in Texas, 1 item in Nebraska. Categories currently include tractors, hay equipment, sprayers and spreaders, skid steers, tillage equipment, planters and drills, trailers, mowers and other ag equipment, livestock equipment, grain or fertilizer handling, lawn and garden, combines and headers, backhoes, tires and tracks, ATVs and UTVs, attachments and parts, auto parts, heavy trucks, forklifts, scrapers, shop tools, ag electronics, household items, concrete equipment, fuel, building materials, engines, excavators, tanks - view and bid on all items at

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