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US Alfalfa premium dehydrated pellets

Great Bend, Kansas
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Us Alfalfa is a premium based brand name. All of our Alfalfa is cut early and fresh, then is chopped, then the product is dried to pull the moisture to keep the product stabile from molding or rotting away. We do offer some non organic pellets, but a majority are organic. High protein at 17% and high fiber at 30%. Horses, cattle, show stock, rabbits, and so forth love this product. Very nutritional and a great addition to meet daily feed goals or for you’re show horses or cattle, and even to add for you’re everyday operations. We have a huge customer basis and sale a lot of product In bulk. If you want semi loads, I can sell it to you, or if you just want it in 50lb sacks, we keep that in stock as well. I use everyday in my cattle operation and horse business and the animals love it. Message me for any pricing Information or details.

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